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Equipment Wanted – 6/4/2014

SJF is Currently looking for the following equipment in good condition.  We pay CASH for used equipment.

View our “Most Wanted” list & tell us about equipment you have for sale.

or contact Sam Sterner: 320-485-4970 or

(Please include photos, quantities, location & additional equipment details in your email. )
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Complete Warehouse Liquidation – January 2014

SJF is currently liquidating Rack, Forklifts, Conveyor & more from a warehouse in South Carolina.  Links to this equipment can be found below – but all of this equipment MUST be moved before the end of the month.  Any interest in this equipment, please call an SJF representative at 800-598-532.

Teardrop (Mecalux) Pallet Racks

Flexible Conveyors

Forklift Battery Changing System

Electric Pallet Jacks

Bendi (Swivel front) Forklifts

Other equipment from this purchase includes (but is not yet listed) Lift Tables, Sit-Down Forklfit Trucks, Order Picker Lift Trucks, and Gravity conveyor.  If you have any interest in this equipment, please call immediately.  We are selling it out of its current location and there has already been a lot of interest.  All sales will be first-come, first-served.

Guest Post: Preventing Workplace Injuries

Today, we have an excellent guest post from our friend Tom Reddon from National Forklift Exchange.

Material handling can be a dangerous industry. More often than not, accidents occur due to the use of improper equipment for the job, or an insufficient amount of employee training. In fact, OSHA estimates that 78% of all workplace accidents occur in the material handling industry alone. That’s a hard number to swallow when you consider the potential harm facing your employees. So how can help your business avoid being the next victim of workplace injury? Here are some of the best ways to create a safe working environment for your personnel.
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Featured Client: Neodesha Plastics

Neodesha Plastics is a plastics manufacturer who engineers custom vacuum formed, thermoformed and CNC milled plastic parts for customers world-wide

In the fall of 2009, Neodesha Plastics contacted SJF with some ideas they had to increase their picking productivity & efficiency.  They had in mind a “Pick-Module” type system that would utilize their existing racking.  They wanted to alter the existing rack, add additional levels and create a cat-walk to access the upper levels of racking.
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SJF Road Crew – Large Liquidation in Indiana

Pallet Rack & Gravity Conveyor Liquidation

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

We recently just finished shipping to MN material from liquidation of a large distribution center in Indiana. In all, 15 trucks of material were shipped up to our facility in Winsted, MN from the Indianapolis area. We had to jump at this opportunity with how fast gravity conveyor has been leaving our facility lately. This was a perfect opportunity to bring up our inventory as this purchase brought in over 6,000ft of gravity in 24” and 30” widths. There is also a small quantity of pallet gravity conveyor. All in all, the totals of this most recent purchase ended up being:

Interlake Pallet Rack

Interlake Rack

5,470 ft – 30″ Gravity Conveyor
780 ft – 24″ Gravity Conveyor
1,400 ft – 9″ Pallet Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor Photos & Pricing

591 ea. – 36″ x 22′ Interlake Uprights
4,480 ea. – 108″ x 4″ New Style Beams

Interlake Rack Photos & Pricing

All of this material has been transported back to our Winsted, MN facility and is ready for immediate shipment to your location.

Surepik Automation Software

SJF Material Handling Inc. Announces Master Distributor Business Partnership with SurePik Automation LLC.

SJF Material Handling Inc. today announced it has entered into a Master Distributor agreement with new partner SurePik Automation, LLC. SurePik Automation (SPA) specializes in inventory management software and automated control systems designed to maximize warehouse efficiency. It handles all material movement including, receiving, warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping applications.

SJF Material Handling Inc., a nationwide US integrator and distributor of new & used material handling systems since 1979, finalized a Master Distributor agreement with new partner SurePik Automation, LLC,

SurePik Automation LLC. provides hardware and software solutions for new, used, or existing carousel and automated conveyor systems. SurePik solutions utilize replacement hardware without proprietary components and a cost effective software system that exceeds the capability for growth provided by its competitors.

SurePik automation solutions are the result of 33 years of continued development & testing. Built from the ground up, SurePik’s mission is to redefine how inventory management is handled to efficiently meet the challenges of business today. SurePik utilizes industry standard components and software development tools to provide a flexibility not found in the competition’s products.


SurePik is designed to be completely customizable to adapt itself to how a business currently operates and manages its existing resources. Whereas traditionally, you’d have to change your processes to match the providers software, SurePik adapts to existing business processes. With SurePik, custom modifications are designed to be made in hours – not the traditional weeks or months found in many products currently found in the marketplace.


SurePik is designed to easily adapt to changing business requirements without software changes, delays in implementation and costly investments. Each SurePik package allows the user to quickly upgrade and add new functionality without the need to upgrade hardware or work flow.

System Integration

SurePik is easily integrated with your existing operations. It can be used as a stand alone product and at the same time, seamlessly integrated with nearly every existing ERP system; including SAP, Oracle Apps, Ellipse, and many others.

In addition to removing software limitations, SurePik also removes hardware limitations. Whether you have multiple manufacturer’s carousels, hand controls, or legacy systems, SurePik can manage them all. Any carousel made by White, Remstar, Diamond Phoenix, or any other manufacturer can be managed by SurePik.

SurePik Automation (SPA) specializes in inventory management software and automated control systems to maximize warehouse efficiency. It handles all material movement including, receiving, warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping applications. The SurePik Pro software has enhanced capabilities to communicate with enterprise systems such as Oracle, SAP, Ellipse and others to integrate seamlessly with corporate operations.

According to SJF Material Handling Vice President Frank Sterner, the new SurePik Software, also incorporates a module to add carousel automation either as a stand alone control or within a full inventory management system. This new offering enhances SJF ability to sell and or service its line of new and used horizontal and vertical carousel systems. Functionality to interface with light trees, sort bars, scanners and printers is available. The new control system incorporates non-proprietary components and module design for ease of installation or retrofitting. Sterner also stated that SurePik Automation software is compatible with virtually any make or vintage of carousel on the market. In addition, it is easily customizable to suit the customer’s processes and terminology. This customization, which requires little time or expense, can substantially reduce training time, since users are only required to learn the equipment, not change the way they do things.

Click to visit the SurePik site & learn more about SurePik.