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New Video – Accumulation Conveyor, Gap Metering, Print & Apply

SJF has just uploaded several new videos to our YouTube channel. (SJF’s YouTube Channel) We’ll be featuring a new video from this series every few days.

This video shows a gap belt making sure there is equal distance between boxes. This gap is important for the operations that follow.

In the second part, the boxes travel over a skewed roller conveyor bed with the effect of lining them all up on one side of the conveyor.

In the third part, a labeling machine prints out a shipping label and pastes it on boxes as they travel past.

View accumulation conveyor currently available for sale on

New Video – Pick Module

SJF has just uploaded several new videos to our YouTube channel. (SJF’s YouTube Channel) We’ll be featuring a new video from this series every few days.

This video shows boxes entering into a pick module.  An employee then labels the boxes and places a pick sheet into the box to identify the order to be picked.  Employees then fill the boxes with the product(s) ordered and send them on to the packaging/shipping department.

View information and photos of pick modules currently available for sale on

Featured Equipment: Marq Case Sealers

Marq high-speed Case Sealers have a reputation as being among the best-built and most reliable case sealers on the market today.

These are completely functioning units and have been professionally removed from service and stored indoors. These sealers are very clean and are in full working order.  These Marq top-of-the-line machines are typically sold for over $60,000 (new). SJF has slashed the prices on these case sealers making them available for 85% off the original purchase price.


  • Machine Type: S-HPR random side lug drive top and bottom sealer
  • Top head: 3M accuglide II, Bottom head: 3M accuglide II with 2″ wide tape
  • Control Voltage: 110V single phase, motor voltage 220V 3 phase
  • 80 PSI Air Required
  • 5 cases per minute
  • case size: legth min. 15″, max 25″ | width min. 13.5″, max 26″ | height min. 10″, max 28″

These machines were priced at $9995 ea –  but have been marked down for immediate sale to only $7995 ea.

Call SJF Sales [800-598-5532] with any questions or inquiries on this equipment.

Marq Case Sealers – Photos and Details

Featured Equipment: 3M Case Sealers

These 3M Case Sealers were just purchased from a large distribution facility where they were in frequent use.  The machines are in excellent working order and are currently being liquidated at a price that’s 60% off new cost.


  • 4 ea. Available
  • Model: 700R
  • Type: 39600
  • Part Number: SEB0000169
  • Year: 2005
  • Power: 3.8 Amp/115 Volt
  • Self Adjusting Heads

Sale Price: $6000 ea.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire these professional model case sealers at a fantastic price.

As always – call an SJF sales professional [800-568-5532] to inquire about purchasing these units or other packaging equipment.

3M Case Sealers – View more photos and Details

9 Tips to Cut Return Costs

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time. You inspect your newly acquired material handling equipment and find that it has been damaged, probably during shipping. It won’t do the job and it’s not worth what you paid for it. It will have to be returned.

Of course, this means a delay in getting your new material handling system up and running. It means fights with the supplier and the trucking company over who is responsible for the problem and who is going to pay to get the damaged shipment off your premises. In short, this is going to cost you time – and maybe money – that you don’t have to spare.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can reduce the chances of finding yourself in this situation, and reducing the time and money it will cost you if you do. Some of them are policies you can adopt in your organization. Some of them are things you can insist on from your supplier. Let’s start with you.

Customer policies

Inspect the merchandise carefully before you buy.

If you can’t go to the supplier’s location yourself, ask for photographs. Define an acceptable level of dents and scratches for used equipment, and decide whether or not there are any flaws that would compromise the performance of the equipment. Keep a record of the state of the equipment at the time of purchase, so that you can prove that any other damage took place after you signed the contract.

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