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2013 Reloaded

SJF’s 30+ Year Tradition Continues

This year’s annual Christmas Buffet & Awards event featured BBQ pork & beef with homemade corn bread, shrimp cocktail, desserts, craft beer and even some Serbian moonshine compliments of our installers in Chicago. 2013 proved to be a great year for the company as demonstrated by a record 6 member of the inside sales team qualifying for induction into the “million dollar club”.


2013 marked a year where the production shop turned out great product in record time. Let’s face it … everyone wants it yesterday.
The yard crew also did an outstanding job pulling equipment and getting orders shipped accurately and on time. This was an amazing task on more than a few occasions to say the least. The office staff barely maintained their sanity in 2013 but rumor has it there is light at the end of the tunnel in 2o14. I for one will believe it when I see it.


Lori, Ed, Frank and the rest of the staff had their hands full in 2013 to put it mildly. Incorporating new technologies, changing processes, adding and learning new systems while continuing to process sales orders without delay or incident can prove rather challenging at the best of times. Not a feat for mere mortals – but they found a way to get it done. A great team effort by everyone here.

Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something

National acquisition guy & buyer aficionado Sam Sterner cast off his training wheels and took the bull by the horns in 2013. Making a number of key used equipment purchases, Sam’s purchasing efforts resulted in a substantial increase in used sales numbers and crisp new Kryptonite travel miles club status card by years end. Sam appears ready to scour the country for used equipment in 2014. “Have warehouse will travel.”

Last, but Certainly Not Least

It’s an SJF tradition to recognize our salesman and women with sales in excess of 1 million dollars with a special plaque commemorating their exceptional work. This award acknowledges sales achievement, hard work, long hours and exceptional service provided throughout the year to our clients. This year we added 6 new members to this very honored club.

As said above, nothing happens until somebody sells something. When they do, it takes everyone working together to fill an order without incident. Like a watch with many gears, if one fails everything fails. In business today, we are only as good as the people around us. On any given day, whether we succeed or whether we fail depends on what we do as a team. People working together accomplish amazing things.

Thanks for reading everybody, and here’s to a great new year!

Stafford Sterner

Photos from the 2013 Holiday Party

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