Featured Client: Central McGowan

Central McGowan, Inc. is a leading distributor of welding and industrial equipment, supplies, abrasives, safety equipment, automation and robotics. Serving industrial, medical, specialty, and beverage companies for over 60 years, Central McGowan maintains a commitment to provide high quality and cost effective solutions to clients in MN and beyond.

For several years, Central McGowan has relied on SJF  to prioritize efficiency and functionality in their ever evolving warehouse design. The latest project utilized a smaller floor space with higher ceilings. With less floor space, comes the challenge of keeping enough room between racks to operate a forklift while still getting the most storage out of the pallet rack system. SJF delivered uprights that fit the needs as well as assisting in planning a custom layout to optimize the space requirements. SJF also filled the order in a short amount of time by cutting down used beam material to make standard 8 foot beams that looked brand new, which also reduced the price.

From the Customer:

“SJF Material Handling is truly a one-stop shop that will work hard to fit your warehousing needs!  The products they offer are always of the highest quality on the market and they are delivered in a timely manner. We have always relied on SJF, not only for quality of products, but also for top-notch service, support and reliability. They offer us the peace of mind when diagnosing what our needs are for the space we have to work with.”

Central McGowan, Inc.
123 Roosevelt Road
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: (320) 252-5292
Fax: (320) 252-7807

Photos of Central McGowan’s New Pallet Rack

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