Featured Client: Control Concepts

Control Concepts, Inc. designs & manufactures precision SCR power controllers for industrial applications.

From the Customer:

In early 2012, we were moving into a new facility with our new owner. We decided to get a fresh start and purchase pallet racking and work benches instead of trying to teardown and reset our old mismatched pallet racking. Most of our controllers are red & black, so we decided to have our work benches & pallet racking painted to match. We also decided to take advantage of our new higher ceiling by using pallet racking not only for our pallet storage, but also for all of our inventory storage. Even though our new building is only 1,000 sq ft larger, we gained a lot of floor space by going vertical.

SJF was able to help us with our layout and decide where we needed heavy duty pallet racking and where we could go lighter. Then, SJF gave us quotes on refurbishing and painting used pallet racking and also quoted new racks. Since we were starting fresh, we ended up going with new pallet racking that was custom painted to match our work benches and controllers. All we had to do was supply SJF with a paint chip and they matched the color.

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