Featured Client: Neodesha Plastics

Neodesha Plastics is a plastics manufacturer who engineers custom vacuum formed, thermoformed and CNC milled plastic parts for customers world-wide

In the fall of 2009, Neodesha Plastics contacted SJF with some ideas they had to increase their picking productivity & efficiency.  They had in mind a “Pick-Module” type system that would utilize their existing racking.  They wanted to alter the existing rack, add additional levels and create a cat-walk to access the upper levels of racking.

SJF researched the possibility of spiral conveyor type applications to get product from the upper levels down to the conveyor lines, but in the end Neodesha ended up designing & manufacturing their own (plastic) “Chute” to get product down to a conveyor system implemented by SJF. We worked together to implement a system to run inside the existing pallet rack uprights and & through a combination of belt, gravity, & powered flex conveyor.

SJF and Neodesha were able to put together a workable solution at a fraction of the cost of a full blown Pick-Module. Within aprox. one year’s time, Neodesha has 6000 SKU’s and now pick, pack and ship on average 3000 pieces per day.

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