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Featured Equipment: Roll-Out Racks

SpaceSaver Steel Roll-out Racks
These racks are not only hard-to-find in used condition – but also hard to find used in this good of condition.  Similar to cantilever rack – these are used to store long bar or pipe stock.  These racks however, function quite differently.  To store or retrieve materials from the rack, an employee has to crank out a “drawer” on the unit that is then accessbile by crane from above. Each insividual “drawer” or “shelf” can be accessed independantly from the others, and offers very safe and secure storage.

4 ea. Currently Available

  • 4200#/Shelf Capacity
  • Each ‘shelf’ is 36″ deep
  • Cost When New: $14,000 ea.
  • Used, As-Is Price: $9,995 ea.

Roll-Out Racks – View Photos & Details

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