Focus on the positive

Today, we’re checking in again with Rhonda Remer.  Rhonda has been in sales for over a year and from time to time, we like to get her perspective on how her journey in material handling sales is coming along.


In July, I was $2,000 shy of the coveted $100,000/month mark in sales.   It would have been my second time to hit the milestone. I was initially a bit deflated but then I decided to step back and look at things from a different perspective.  What have I learned?  How much progress in my new position have I actually made? I will focus on thePreview positive.

1: I have a lot more knowledge about material handling products than when I started this gig. I’ve sold many different kinds of conveyor, carton flow track, balers, cantilever, hoppers, safety equipment, totes and bins, and of course Pallet Racking and accessories. This leads right into…

2: My knowledge has value.  A good way to gauge this is when new people start in the department.   SJF recently hired three new Solutions Specialists – all with extensive sales experience.  It is refreshing for me to be able to transfer knowledge on equipment and internal processes, as opposed to being the one who is asking all the questions.    I realized that my Greenhorn status has changed – I’m no longer the ‘new gal.’

3: Repeat customers. About 1/3 of my business over the last 6 months has come from customers who have come to know me and call me when they need additional material.

4: The gift of  learning goes both ways. The new sales guys have brought new styles, new techniques and a fresh way of looking at things (not to mention new snacks and new jokes!).  I know that I’m fortunate to be surrounded by a group of guys who have a team mentality and have been very generous mentoring me.   It’s nice to be able to reciprocate in kind as our team expands.

Thanks for reading everybody.  If you have anything to add or just want to say something about my point of view, please leave us a comment below.

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