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Scissor Lift Tables – Now Available

Scissor lift tables can save both time and money by making any heavy lifting operations easier. You’ll not only save your back, but increased efficiency will lead to increased profits as well.

Scissor Lift Tables with Foot Switch Control

Large 4’6″ x 10′ Electric Scissor Lift Tables

  • 8 available
  • Capacity: 2,000 lbs.
  • Platform deck platform size: 54″ x 120″
  • Lowered deck platform height: 9-1/2″
  • Raised deck height: 55-1/2″
  • Motor: 3 phase motor
  • Voltage: 220V

Please contact SJF for more information at 320-485-4974.

Toyota 3-Wheeled Fork Truck Video

See a video of this low profile 3-wheeled Toyota Fork Truck has cushion tires and three wheels for excellent maneuverability that allows it to turn on a dime. It has a 3-stage mast and side shift attachment.

For more information and to see more, check out our Used 3-Wheel Forklifts Page.

Bendi Swing Reach Narrow Aisle Forklift Demo

Watch a video demo of a Bendi B30 fork truck in action. Bendi swing reach forklifts are great for maneuvering around in warehouses with narrow aisles. The forks swivel, allowing the driver to retrieve product even the tightest areas.

For more information and to see more, check out our Used Swing Reach Forklifts Page.

SouthWorth PalletPal Lift Platform / Level Loader

Jason Deiter of SJF Material Handling explains the features of the SouthWorth PalletPal Roll On Lift Platform / Level Loader. This hydraulic lift platform is 52″ wide by 48″ deep and has a capacity of 4,000 lbs. It raises to 28-3/8″ and lowers to 3/8″ and has Photo Eye Protection.

This lift platform is newly refurbished and looks and operates like brand new. Please contact SJF for more information at 320.485.4974.

Featured Client: Metro Mold and Design

Metro Mold and Design (MMD) is a Rogers, MN based, one stop shop for rapid mold manufacturing, custom plastic injection molding, thermoset plastic molding, extrusion blow molding, and precision CNC machining.  With an expanding operation, they contacted SJF in the fall of 2013 to assist in a layout and move into an new shipping warehouse.  MMD was at the time occupying and older warehouse with little lighting and low ceiling, and was planning a move to a newer building with a 32′ ceiling.

The plan was to install very narrow aisle (VNA) rack to max out warehouse space in the new building.  After discussing it with SJF, MMD decided on a different plan altogether.
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Lift Truck Extravaganza!

As part of the recent warehouse acquisition in South Carolina, SJF purchased over 25 great forklift trucks!

These trucks are all in excellent condition, have relatively low hours and can be used for a variety of warehouse tasks.  Below, find a summary of each lift truck type currently available, and links to them on the website.

Bendi Swivel Front Forklifts

Bendi Swivel Front Forklifts

5 ea. available – Model B30
Quad Mast (204″/258″)
Additional Batteries & Chargers Available

$21,000 ea.

View More Photos & Details
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Guest Post: The Best Cheapest Fuel That You’re Not Using

Today’s post is courtesy of our friend Paul Schroeder.

I have a fuel quiz for all you supply chain folks out there. Ready?

  1. When was the last time the price of diesel dipped below $3/gallon nationally?
  2. When was the last time gasoline fell below $3/gallon nationally?
  3. When was the last time gasoline fell below $2/gallon nationally?
  4. When was the last time gasoline fell below $1/gallon nationally?

Have your answers? Great. Now here are two bonus questions:

  1. What was the price per gallon of compressed natural gas in 1999?
  2. How much did the price of compressed natural gas increase since January 2012?

Why ask these questions?

Simple. The price at the pump is going down . . . sort of. News reporters are happily gushing about fuel projections— how prices might dip to near $3/gallon or perhaps slightly less by year’s end. Good news, right? For smart fleet managers in the supply chain it’s both yes and no.

It is good news because the amount of fuel used to keep the supply chain humming is pretty significant. Locking in lower fuel costs saves money a company can invest in something that improves the overall operation of the company. However, falling gasoline and diesel prices are still too high. Smart fuel managers in the supply chain also know how volatile the gasoline and diesel markets are. All it takes for a new round of price increases is a crackpot in the Middle East, a natural disaster or a disruption in refining to send prices back to record levels.
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Warehouse Safety Infographic

Here’s a neat infographic about the inherent dangers of working in a warehouse.  This image will show you some stats on warehouse safety measures as well as:

  • Most accident Prone Areas
  • Top Injuries
  • Forklift Safety Information
  • Pallet Rack Failure Facts
  • and more…


Warehouse Safety

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