Lowering Equipment Handling Costs

A business has to strike a balance between providing good quality service with proper investment and keeping costs low in order to make a profit. With rising costs, the challenge of maintaining this balance is becoming increasingly more difficult. With respect to handling of material, this is generally seen as consuming the most time in unproductive practices and take up approximately 40% of the staff’s efforts in the field. To deal with this and ensure timely and high quality installations, there are a few things that ought to be managed well.

Choose the correct equipment

Choosing the correct equipment goes a long way in reducing costs. Often, the same equipment is used to manage very different jobs, and in many cases this equipment may not be very appropriate for some of those jobs. This reduces the efficiency of work, so it is always better to invest in the correct equipment for the work undertaken. It must also be kept in mind that using certain equipment for purposes which it is not meant for can reduce its life and end up in loss in the long run.


Licenses are required for the usage and handling of different equipment, especially in an industrial environment. There can be stringent checks, especially for heavy duty equipment such as cherry pickers or forklifts, where a License to Perform High Risk Work is mandatory. If the license is found lacking or outdated, then heavy fines can be imposed on the operator and the business. This being the case, equipment is often kept unused and the staff not working while waiting for these licenses. It would be beneficial to have staff complete the necessary license training and assessments ahead of time so the license is in hand by the time work starts..


One of the most important things during the undertaking of a project is communication between the various parties. Understand what the client wants, ensure that they are able to address their concerns clearly and concisely. At the same time, ensure that these details are completely available to your team and understood by them, so that everyone can work together towards one goal. Lack of communication has often resulted in losses for either party or all parties concerned, and a few simple meetings to ensure that everyone understands what the common goal is, shall go a long way in saving time, effort and money. Good communication means that your team can do a lot of prior planning for the volume and heights needed to get your warehouse in order.

Hiring and training

Hiring of technicians and drivers must be a streamlined process. It is better to hire people who have the aptitude, skill and experience in order to save effort and time dealing with shoddy work. It is also important that everyone gets proper training regarding the daily procedures, safety operations, dealing with emergency issues as well as obtaining all the licenses or certificates for your industry. It has been proven that ready-trained staff reduces costs by decreasing the redoing or correcting a badly done job. Get the right people and do it right the first time. Offering staff ongoing support or training for new vehicles or machines is another step in the right direction.


Once the correct forklift or access equipment is purchased and the licencing is taken care of, the next thing one needs to ensure is that the equipment is well taken care of. Well trained technicians handling the material will ensure a longer life for it. Keeping the equipment, cleaned, lubricated and in perfect running order will increase productivity. Daily or frequent checks on the equipment will immediately enable detecting of any minor or major problems that ought to be taken care of immediately, and a major service or maintenance check often.

The ultimate goal is to provide a satisfactory service with the help of a trained staff, well-maintained equipment, and proper communication between the various parties. This will automatically reduce costs and increase profits.


Being an ex OH&S manager, Erin Warbrook knows how to manage and plan warehousing jobs. She knows that hiring a forklift can be more cost effective than buying if you have just a one off large order.

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