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Free Subscription to Steel Market Update Newsletter

For those who have been readers of Steel news & updates on SJF’s blog, we have arranged for you to receive a free trial subscription to John Packards ” Steel Market Update”

Trial subscriptions are free of charge and you have no obligation to purchase anything.

John is a top steel market annalyst. You can see many of his articles and insights posted here at SJF’s blog. This trial suscription is great for smaller end users and distributors that don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on newsletters that have too much “stuff” in them and not enough hard-hitting detail about what you want and need to know regarding todays steel market.

It’s Free! … It’s easy!

Simply drop John Packard an email at

Let him know you are interested the free trial subscription offer seen on SJF’s Blog to ” Steel Market Update” John will provide you everything you need to get “logged in”, up and going.

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  1. I am very interested on global issues effecting the USA and how to strategize for the needs of my company and our country, both short term and long term. This information is very useful to me. Thanks.

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