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Sensing Edges

SJF is proud to announce another new addition to our product family – Tapeswitch Sensing Products.

Tapeswitch is a leader in the safety sensing equipment field and provides a multitude of safety sensing products for all sorts of industrial applications including:

Pinch Protection, Obstruction Detection, Collision Sensing, Contact Sensing, Personnel Protection and much more…

These sensors can be used with conveyors, lift equipment, carousels, packaging equipment, or any other equipment that might present a safety hazard to employees.

Tapeswitch products not only include the sensing edge, but also incorporate a 4-wire fail safe controller. Here’s the principle behind the fail-safe system in each and every tapeswitch product:
A small current is constantly flowing through the sensor at all times, holding the relay coil energized at all times.  The machine controls, interrupt, or stop circuitry is connected to the contacts of this relay.  If the sensor is actuated, the relay coil will be shorted, causing the relay to de-energize. A resistor in series provides current limiting from overdrawing the power supply and limits the current through the sensor in the actuated position.  If the sensor fails in the closed position the relay will be shorted and cannot be energized until the failure is corrected.  If the sensor fails in the open position, the current path for the relay coil no longer exists and the relay coil cannot be energized until the current path is restored and the failure corrected.

Safety Sensing MatSafety Mats

One of SJF’s favorite Tapeswitch products is these safety sensing mats.  These mats make it incredibly easy to build in a measure of safety to ANY machine, system or area.  Simply hook up the mat to the controller and to the interrupt or stop circuitry of the equipment you’re working with and if a person steps anywhere on the mat, the equipment will come to an immediate halt before any harm can be inflicted on a user.  It’s that easy.

The mats come in several common sizes and can also be custom sized for just about any application.  Please call SJF if this is something you are interested in but don’t see the exact size you need.

In short, Tapeswitch can create products for just about any application, size, sensitivity and in several hundreds of configurations to fit whatever need you can imagine.  Please call SJF for more details, or visit the product links below to read more about the products.

Safety Sensing Edges and Mats

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  1. I like the sound of that. Having things like this can really make the area safe especially when working on industrial or manufacturing plants. I want to see how it works though because it is so hard to imagine just by reading the texts.

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