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Save Time with RSS

Introducing RSS

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. At it’s most basic form, it’s a standard for distributing content to a wide number of people quickly and easily.

Why should I care?

Most web users who are interested in many sites or topics must repeatedly visit each individual site they follow.  These sites are updated at random and can often require daily visits to stay on top of the most recent updates.  This can become very tedious.

While email notification is also an option, often these types of emails can get mistaken for SPAM and having multiple disorganized emails can also be a hassle to sort through.

RSS is a new way to be notified of constantly changing content.  RSS notifications from many websites can all be handled by a special program and all can be presented to you in an easy to read and well organized manner.

Sounds Great – How does it work?

Specialized computer programs called “RSS aggregators” or “RSS Readers” exist that automatically access the RSS feeds of websites you care about on your behalf and organize the results for you.  These programs check the RSS Feeds that you instruct them to and then present the new changes made to the site for your review.

To subscribe to a site’s feed, simply look for a button similar to this RSS Feed.  Clicking this will usually load the site’s RSS feed into your web browser which well then let you add it to your RSS aggregator.  Alternately, some sites (like this one) will provide you a list of common aggregators for you to add the feed to your reader of choice.

So go ahead and give RSS a try.  Subscribe to SJF’s feed today.  We think you’ll find it saves you time and soon you’ll be using RSS for a lot of your daily web content.


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