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SJF Road Crew: Large Rack Project on East Coast

This month saw the start of a large project for a customer of ours in Maryland.  This involves taking down two warehouses of rack, and installing new rack in one warehouse.  Crews showed up on site last week to start dismantle and install.  The first warehouse is coming down now, and we are pricing this material to move fast!  This warehouse consists of a large Hiline Drive In system with specs as follows:

  • 3 Deep x Floor+2 288pp                            $25/pp
  • 3 Deep Back to Back x Floor+2 540pp    $25/pp
  • 3 Deep x Foor+2 270pp                              $25/pp
  • 3 Deep Back to Back x Floor+2 540pp    $25/pp
  • 3 Deep Back to Back x Floor+2 504pp    $30/pp
  • 3 Deep x Floor+2 270pp                             $30/pp
  • 3 Deep x Floor+2 252pp                             $30/pp

The exact specs and pictures are all available, email or visit SJF’s Drive-in Rack Page for more photos/details.

There is also a large amount of Hiline selective rack available as well (at this time, please email for details).  All material is priced to move right away!

  • Upright 17’x42” 157 available $55ea
  • Upright 16’3”x42” 67 available $55ea
  • Upright 15’x42” 79 available $50ea
  • Upright 12’x42” 30 available $40ea
  • Beams 57”x3.5” 448 available $7ea
  • Beams 96”x3.5” 1,818 available $14ea
Hiline Selective Pallet Rack

Hiline Selective Pallet Rack

The last remaining warehouse is just up the road, and is loaded with prime sizes of like new Teardrop racking.  That warehouse will be coming down next month, after this listed material is down.  Keep checking back for more details on this rack project’s progress.


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