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SJF Site Redesign recently underwent a new page redesign that should help customers to better find what they are looking for in a more ‘user-friendly’ format.

For example – the Teardrop Pallet Rack page used to contain several very long tables of inventory & pricing information.  Now, though the tables are still there, they are sectioned into tabbed content allowing users to more easily access only that information they want to view.

A new pallet racks page has also been created to provide quick access to the most useful pallet rack pages on’s website.

One of the other big improvements includes a quick-access menu bar along the top of each page.  This bar contains links to all of the most useful pages on SJF’s entire website within quick and easy reach from anywhere on the site.

Several other changes & improvements have been made behind the scenes to ensure site visitors get the most out of any page they visit on  As always – SJF welcomes feedback and suggestions from customers on how to further improve the website.

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