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Spammers have a Field Day with Search Engines

It seems as if nobody is immune from the scourge of search spam. Simply go to Google and do a search for pallet rack. You’ll be inundated with so-called “material handling sites” who make claims like:

at blah blah blah .com we have everything you could ever want or need. We have the best , biggest, monster sized selection of pallet rack at the lowest, best, baddest prices on the planet.

Now you say to yourself, how can everyone be saying this? Could it be that some of these claims are a sight exaggeration? Could some of them even be *Gasp stretching the truth?

So you decide to click on the link and arrive at a site. What you find is no material at all. As for pricing, nothing.

What you do see is a message saying “call or email us for a quote.” While there’s nothing inherently wrong with asking for a call or email to get the business, I do think it’s dishonest to advertise yourself as the pinnacle of your industry without having anything to back it up.

What do you think?

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