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Top 8 Most Unique and/or Overlooked Products in our eStore

Okay – I’ll admit it, this post is a shameless plug for our online store, but I think you’ll agree that these products are both unique and in the right situation, very useful.   So…without further delay – here they are.

1: Dock ReflectorsDock Reflectors

With energy prices on the rise, many companies are looking for ways to save on costs.   These dock reflectors are an incredibly efficient way to guide trucks into a loading dock bay.  They require no electricity, and can provide a relative brilliance of up to 900 candle power using the truck’s own reverse lights.

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2: Dual Direction Hand Cart
Dual Direction Hand Cart

Ok – so I can’t be the only one who has wrestled with a traditional hand cart trying to scoot it to the left or the right just enough.  Well, with this unique hand cart, you only need to turn a handle and your hand cart moves smoothly to the left or the right.  No wrestling moves necessary.

3: Value Series Fork Mounted Broom

Talk about a time saver – this fork mounted broom can help with the big clean-up operations and with the optional magnetic bar kit, you’ll never worry about puncturing tires again.  If you’ve got a forklift and a messy floor, this will become one of your every day go-to tools.

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4: Bulk Forklift Containers
Bulk Forklift Containers

Need to store or transport bulk materials?  Well my friends, this is your lucky day.  These forklift containers are rugged, durable and HUGE.  Available in sizes up to 44 cubic feet and easily transportable by forklift with their molded in fork pockets.  Also available in models with a removable pallet base.

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5: Plastic Pallets
Plastic Pallets

One of the most common requests we have had in the past was for plastic pallets – now you can order them directly online.These are very durable pallets and are utilized mostly in closed loop distribution systems ie. grocery chains, or facility to facility shipments within a company.  For reference, here is an excellent white paper on pallet construction and usage [link opens in a new window].

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6: Pallet Cart and CarouselPallet Cart and Carousel

If you run a manufacturing plant where product is continually moving from workstation to workstation, you could do a lot worse than investing in a few of these.  Simply put your product on the cart and move it along down the line.  The built-in carousel allows easy access from all sides and the locking casters will help keep it in place.

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7: Steel Top Shop DeskSteel Top Shop Desk

These desks are ubiquitous in facilities nationwide.  Anywhere you need a flat surface for writing and some simple storage you’ll find one of these.  Quick to assemble and very sturdy, these are also available in wall mounted versions to fit any space requirements you may have.

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8: All Terrain Pallet JacksAll Terrain Pallet Jack

Last are these unique pallet jacks.  These beefy pallet movers are designed specifically for transport over rough terrain such as gravel or dirt – places where a normal pallet jack can’t go.  If pushing one of these guys over rough terrain doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, don’t worry – they’re also available in gas powered models.

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So that’s it – some of the most unique niche products we offer.  Thanks for taking the time to read this far.  If you have any questions about any of these items, please feel free to comment here or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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