Employee Spotlight – Joe Bachel

Today in our Employee Spotlight is Joe Bachel, SJF’s Yard Supervisor and Mechanic Extraordinaire. Joe is a man of few words, but lucky for us at SJF, he’s also full of unending experience and knowledge (and maybe something else 😉 ). He can fix anything!

Joe Bachel, Mr. Fixit

Name: Joe Bachel

Title: Yard Supervisor/Mechanic

When did you start working at SJF? In May of 1993

What do you like most about working at SJF? Never a dull moment.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work? Working on my “toys” at home.

What’s your favorite day? Friday

Biggest pet peeve? Having to re-do things.

Name something about you, that people would be surprised to know: Nothing, I am an open book.