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St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Surprise at SJF

Happy St. Pat's DayMost Friday mornings at the corporate office in Winsted you’ll find Vance Haugen, SJF Sales Specialist, cooking breakfast for the hungry crowd. This morning, however, a leprechaun must have made a showing because breakfast looked quite a bit different than it usually does – the scrambled eggs were green.

This leprechaun didn’t leave us any gold, but he did leave his mark on the breakfast eggs because they have never looked anything like this before!

As the Irish like to say:
“There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were.”

May your day be filled with St. Pat’s Day fun, just like ours!


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Employee Spotlight – Joe Bachel

Today in our Employee Spotlight is Joe Bachel, SJF’s Yard Supervisor and Mechanic Extraordinaire. Joe is a man of few words, but lucky for us at SJF, he’s also full of unending experience and knowledge (and maybe something else 😉 ). He can fix anything!

Joe Bachel, Mr. Fixit

Name: Joe Bachel

Title: Yard Supervisor/Mechanic

Years at SJF: In May it will be 23 years.

What do you like most about working at SJF? Never a dull moment.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work? Working on my “toys” at home.

What’s your favorite day? Friday

Biggest pet peeve? Having to re-do things.

Name something about you, that people would be surprised to know: Nothing, I am an open book.

Sharp Auto Bagger Demo for eCommerce Fulfillment

Sharp Auto Baggers are a packaging solution for high throughput fulfillment centers. Items can be bagged at rates up to 12 items/minute. For more information, contact SJF at (320) 485-4970.

Elite Storage Solutions Presents New Products to SJF

Meeting with Elite Storage Solutions rep.A big shout out to Ben Yeater and Elite Storage Solutions for stopping by SJF last week. Ben was gracious enough to feed the entire sales team during his blow-by-blow video tour of Elite’s new and expanded storage rack product offerings for 2017.

Industry Insider Sales – January 17, 2017

Fit as a Fiddle Contest Has Employees Dropping Pounds

Fit as a Fiddle contest winners

Pictured here (from left to right) are the “Fit as a Fiddle” contest phase II winners: Vance Haugen (2nd place), Lori Bachel (1st place) and Rhonda Remer (3rd place). Way to go!

We’re 27.4 lbs Lighter in Phase II of the Contest!

Phase II of the “Fit as a Fiddle” contest, sponsored by MedVelocity had the employees at SJF trimming the fat… quite literally!  This is the second phase of a three-phase contest. The second round started on Monday, August 29, 2016 and went through Friday, January 13, 2017 with 10 contestants, all competing for the first, second and third place cash prizes.

A total of 27.4 pounds were lost, and seeing how this timeline went through the holiday season, we felt pretty good about that! Congratulations to Lori Bachel (1st place), Vance Haugen (2nd place) and Rhonda Remer (3rd place), as well as the rest of the gang for taking a step toward health!

Celebrating Christmas and Our Employees

Time for Celebration

Christmas at SJF is a time for celebration, not only because of the holiday season but because it is when we recognize the outstanding employees that make us what we are today.

Each year, SJF recognizes the sales team members with Sales Achievement Awards for their hard work and dedication over the last year. In addition, SJF awards Service Awards to employees celebrating a work anniversary for their many years of service.

Sales Achievement Awards

SJF Sales Achievement Award Winners: Rhonda Remer, Kendal Kalamaha, Eric Thovson, Jason Deiter, Vance Haugen and Tom Moore.

SJF Sales Achievement Award Winners: Rhonda Remer, Kendal Kalamaha, Eric Thovson, Jason Deiter, Vance Haugen and Tom Moore.

Two Million Dollar Club

2016 Top Sales Award goes to Eric Thovson for a whopping $2.6+ million in sales!

2016 Top Sales Award goes to Eric Thovson for $2.6+ million in sales!

Eric Thovson – Top Sales Person 2016. Eric sold a whopping $2.6 million dollars of products!
Kendal Kalamaha – $2.3 million dollars in sales for 2016.

One Million Dollar Club

Jason Deiter – $1.5 million dollars in sales for 2016.
Vance Haugen – $1.2 million dollars in sales for 2016.
Tom Moore – $1.6 million dollars in sales for 2016.
Rhonda Remer – $1 million dollars in sales for 2016.

Service Awards

Jason Deiter receives his 20 Years of Service award from Staff Sterner.

Jason Deiter receives his 20 Years of Service award from Staff Sterner.

Dedication and commitment are highly valued in any capacity, but in an employee is a special thing. SJF is proud to award the following staff members with Service Awards for their years of dedication:

Lori Bachel and Mark Dahlke – 5 Years of Service
Ed Salonek, Brian Springer and Rhonda Remer – 10 Years of Service
Jason Deiter – 20 Years of Service




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