New Upgrades Make a Safer More Efficient Workplace

Hello again, readers!

Today I’d like to tell you about some improvements we have going on at SJF’s headquarters in Winsted, MN.  These updates are part of an initiative to make the shop safer and production easier on the employees.  First, SJF is installing a brand new crane-way.  This overhead structure will allow workers to more easily move rack, conveyor and carousel projects around the shop easily.

Paint Booth
New Paint Booth for SJF shop

The second major improvement is a brand new paint booth.  This new paint booth uses a waterfall to capture over spray and then scrubs it out of the water and reuses it.  It’s environmentally friendly and should prove to be safer for all of the employees in the building.

Speaking of improvements to the workplace, SJF is also in the process of switching over computer systems.  In the past, SJF has been using multiple software solutions for different areas of the business.  Going forward after the first of the year, SJF will be tying ALL facets of the business into the new software solution.  Everything from CRM, Order Management, Billing, Shipping and Manufacturing will be together in one software.  We are hoping this makes for a smoother customer experience overall as well as a more efficient work force.

How about you?

Are you doing any improvements to your business now or in the near future?

We’d love to hear about your improvement projects in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “New Upgrades Make a Safer More Efficient Workplace”

  1. Kudo’s ! – I work in a fab shop and most people have no idea what these things are but I do. These are excellent upgrades. Ergonomics are huge these days. These days, many shops are running on limited staff. Having key people down and injured costs most companies huge. . Anything that save on injuries is money well spent. IM curious to know what kind of lifts you are using with the crane. We don’t do paint here but I’ve read that water wash filtration is far superior to traditional filter systems that clog and get dirty etc. Problem is that is is usually pretty cost prohibitive for most small companies to use. water wash is great, cuts down on insurance costs but even with the saving is not cheap.

  2. Hey, Kris –

    We have had a water wash paint booth for many years, but the thing just wore out. It’s past time we replaced it and this is a very nice system we’re installing. The crane system is something that our shop guys are particularly looking forward to – It should save many backs going forward!

    -Thanks for the Feedback!

  3. Hi, Nathan –

    I’d rather not put it in print, but it will be EPIC. OR not….time will tell.


  4. Hi,

    After reading post only 1 thing came in my mind and that is “scenario is changing”.
    Well the scenario is changing frequently and now the mining , manufacturing and engineering sectors are more in favour of Material Handling Equipment so as to make the work easier and quite faster as compared to a manual labour can provide.

    I would be very grateful if you put video along with post too. so we will come to know how exactly new things are working and how it giving comfortable workplace.


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