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Guest Post: Conveyor Roller Types and Their Benefits

Conveyor Systems

Today’s post is courtesy of Emma Smith

The conveyor systems’ most vital part is the type of conveyor roller which is being used. Different types of packaging and products require different rollers. In the manufacturing of the conveyor rollers, various types of materials are used such as metallic, rubber, or plastic, depending on their usage in regular business operations.

Conveyor rollers or conveyor belts use rollers as uniformly spaced rotating cylinders-in order to allow items to move through their surface. The objects can be pushed manually, by gravity or by electricity. The transported material needs a robust riding surface that is accompanied by at least three rollers.

Conveyor rollers are suitable for accumulation or gathering applications as rollers can reduce the product inertia at a high speed making them useful conveyors and alongside a high-speed sorting machine. The application of conveyor rollers is crucial along with the type of environment and facility that needs to be considered.

Application of conveyor rollers

A roller conveyor system can be customized to operate with a range of ancillary equipment including twists, gates, and turntables. Regardless of the nature of the goods being transported, roller conveyors are commonly used in areas such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

The use of a roller conveyor can add flexibility to the type of transfers, converters, and stops that can be used as part of a conveyor system or automation system. You can use either mild steel, galvanized, acrylic, or stainless-steel roller conveyors.

Roller conveyor systems are commonly used in various industries, especially logistics and manufacturing because of their adaptability and use. There are many industries which use roller conveyors. Some of them are:

  • Food handling
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Mail delivery services
  • Baggage handling
  • Steelmaking
  • Manufacturing and design

Specific roller conveyor types include:

Coated (covered) conveyor roller

These are advanced rollers, which are covered with plastic or rubber. This roller is widely used in the paper manufacturing and metal rolling and printing industry. The coated form of rollers integrates grinding through the coating material with a significantly high degree of grip for better performance.

Gravity conveyor roller

Gravity conveyor roller is a frame, which sustains free rotating rollers and uses gravity to skid the material down. Medium to lightweight products can be easily carried with this conveyor and it is an economical solution as it does not require a motor. It can be made with plastic aluminum and steel.

This type of conveyor roller blends advanced structural features with off-the-shelf design requirements. The conveyor rollers are, therefore, best used when handling odd-shaped cartons, bags, and boxes of low quality.

Motorized conveyor roller

Motorized rollers can integrate directly into the conveyor frames. They are used for automated materials handling systems. Motorized roller conveyors are an excellent choice where the primary considerations are energy consumption, quiet operation, and ease of maintenance. They are also known as MDR (motorized roller conveyors or “motor-driven roller conveyors”).

The rollers in this class come packed with control drums to control the speed and flow of the under-transportation products. Material sorting and analysis can be easily automated throughout the entire transport cycle through the motorized zones. Such rollers are, therefore, best used in advanced automated production lines.

Motorized drums are built as compact integrated belt conveyor-drive drum. There is no exposed gearbox, electric motor, or chain drive and they are sealed to IP65, which protects them from dust and water intake.

Free spinning conveyor roller

These rollers are bearing-laden, created with an integrated free turn capability. The rollers are useful for creating conveyor belt support systems as well as for applications in areas that require highly flexible rotational performance and low friction.

Free spinning rollers are also used to support the belt underneath the conveyors. These rollers have bearings inserted into the ends that allow free turning of the roller.

Select the best conveyor roller system

The conveyor roller system is versatile and customizable. It can be easily dismantled and moved easily. The main use of the roller conveyor system is to transport goods from one place to its destination. They can reduce the need for a large workforce, save time, and energy.

Industry Insider Sales – June 24, 2020

Industry Insider Sales – May 12, 2020

Lumber Racking Solution for Lake Russell Building Supply

Lake Russell Building Supply Cantilever Set Up

Lucas Brady, President of Lake Russell Building Supply in Elberton, GA, had a need for storage solutions for a pole building they were enclosing in order to protect their product from the elements and better service their customers. In October 2019, Lucas contacted SJF via their “live chat” feature (that is, in fact, answered by a real live professional). Solutions Specialist Jason Deiter answered the chat and began discussing the application.

They wanted to rack out 2 walls of their pole building to allow for storage of treated lumber in various unit sizes. For this application, we chose 5′ brace sets to accommodate the various unit lengths and 4′ heavy duty arms that would work for dimensional and sheet goods. The result was positive and it has really changed and improved the way that they handle materials.

Knowing that they would need more, in February of 2020 Lucas reached out to add on another 90′ section to store yellow pine, tongue and grove, staged loads and special orders.

Lucas writes: “These racks have made such a big impact on every aspect of handling lumber. We will definitely be adding more in the future. Thank you. I’m as happy about having them as you were in selling them.

Jason and our other solutions specialists are available to help you find the best solution for your individual space. They are trained to “think outside the box” and have excellent ideas to help solve your problem.

If you have a project that you’d like help with, feel free to call Jason at (320) 485-4961 or email him at He’d be happy to help with your project!

Eat Locally With SJF

Eat Local with SJF

When times get hard, living in a small close-knit community can oftentimes have a huge advantage. In following in their father Jerry Sterner’s legacy for love and pride in our local community, the Stafford and Frank Sterner families, owners of SJF Material Handling Inc., would like to begin a movement encouraging other local businesses to daily patronize our local restaurants and other businesses in and around the Winsted community in support of our neighbors and friends.

For as long as Minnesota’s executive order restricting business operations is in effect due to COVID-19, SJF will be purchasing lunches from different Winsted restaurants for all SJF employees working on-site starting on Monday, March 30, 2020. Frank and Stafford’s hope is that other Winsted businesses will follow suit and come together as a community to boost sales to local restaurants and businesses.

SJF is committed to doing everything possible to help our Winsted community family through this difficult time. At the same time, this movement also rewards employees for their hard work in continuing to keep SJF, as an essential business, running smoothly.

We would like to encourage all businesses in Winsted to show their support in this way. Let’s work together to become an example to other communities so that they may do the same. Together we can make it through this difficult time and strengthen our own community in the process.

Employee Spotlight – Tom Moore

Tom Moore, SJF Solutions Specialist
Tom Moore, SJF Solutions Specialist, recently caught this 17+ lb. Northern. That's quite a fish!

Today in our Employee Spotlight is Tom Moore, Sales & Solutions Specialist here at SJF. He’s been with SJF for several years, so he knows the material handling business inside and out.

Tom is a relatively quiet guy… until he has something to say. I think he likes to save his daily allowance of words for important stuff, not just random chatter.

Even though Tom isn’t a big talker, he is, however, well known around the office for his clever remarks and interesting theories. It’s not unusual to hear him say something that stops everyone in their tracks and cracks them up. He keeps us laughing, often when we least expect it!

There is one major exception and that is if you ask him about fishing. Then he’s got a wealth of information and things to say about one of Minnesotan’s favorite pastimes. He and his wife enjoy spending time on local lakes or at their cabin, enjoying nature in search of “the big one.

Name: Tom Moore

Title: Sales/Solutions Specialist

When did you start working at SJF? July, 2014

What do you like most about working at SJF? The people here at SJF. We have a great team!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work? Fishing. If I am not at work, I am either fishing, planning to go fishing or thinking about fishing.

What’s your favorite day? Mondays. I’m ready to get back at it after the weekend.

Biggest pet peeve? Driving slow in the fast lane.

Name something about you that people would be surprised to know: I’m an open book so if you want to know something, just ask.

What question would you like to answer that you didn’t get asked? What’s my favorite lake to fish? Long Lake.

Industry Insider Sales – March 12, 2020

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