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Warehouse Automation &
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SurePik Carousel Controls & Inventory Management System

SurePik Carousel Controls

SJF Material Handling Inc. has partnered with SurePik Automation Solutions to bring a complete conveyor & carousel controls & data management suite of hardware and software solutions. All of SurePik's products are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with any pre-existing warehouse or distribution centers operations.

Warehouse Management Solutions that are Flexible and Adaptable

SurePik controls packages work with ANY and ALL makes and models of vertical & horizontal carousels as well as automated conveyor systems. SurePik's automated controls & data management solutions allow you to track, report, manage and control all your warehouse operations from automated conveyors & carousel systems to inventory management of your entire work flow.

Modular Design Makes Upgrades a Breeze

SurePik Automation Systems are unique in that they can be updated without the need to purchase new equipment. SurePik provides users the flexibility of a "customized" warehouse management system (WMS) but does it at a product price. If your business isn't yet ready to utilize all of SurePik's powerful features & functionality to start - don't fret. With SurePik, upgrades are simple and can easily be added "a-la-carte" without the need to swap-out existing equipment or making complicated or convoluted modifications and/or changes.

SurePik - Controls & Data Management Overview

SurePik is available in three different flavors - SurePik Lite, SurePik Pro and SurePik Enterprise.

Each package includes these core features:

  • Microsoft .NET Platform
  • Utilizes Microsoft SQL/Oracle Databases
  • Single workstation or Enterprise capable
  • Up to four carousels per workstation
  • P2P service
  • Supports multiple organizations in one database
  • Optimized carousel movements for operations
  • Automated order and cycle count imports
  • Import/export by fixed length text files, CSV files, or spread sheets
  • No limitation to batch sizes
  • Manage backorders and fill prior to stocking
  • Manage order shortages
  • Order consolidation using pick-to-light
  • Barcode ready with printing on low-cost dedicated printers
  • Optional scale count integration
  • Integration of part pictures (via wireless network)
  • Supports manufacturer and substitutes part number cross reference
  • Full report generation functions
  • Database verification function
  • Remote maintenance support with automatic problem notification

In addition to the above features, each package has additional features that build on the basic packages allowing for instant, on demand system upgrades.

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