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Used Portable Stacking Storage Racks - Tire Storage Racks

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Stackable storage racks and tier rack type systems are a popular portable methods of storage. Having a portable storage system is especially desirable where storage is only needed on a temporary basis. One of the larger users of this kind of storage system is for tire storage in the automotive industry Both stacking racks and tier racks consist of four upright corner posts and a base. In the case of tier racks, the base is generally a wooden pallet. The parts and components of that make up these rack systems are designed to be completely disassembled so the components can be stored to make way for staging other materials when not in use.

Portable Stacking Racks

Stacking Tire Storage Racks Priced FOB MN.

Stacking Rack Specifications

  • 150 ea. - 54" L x 42" W by 32" - 44" H - $95 ea.

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Portable Rack & Stack Storage Systems (Used)

These stackable racks are a handy way to create effective, but portable storage. Ideal for tire storage.

Stack Racks Specifications

  • 48" wide x 108" long by 24" or 48" high
  • (Can be repainted for additional $200 charge ea.)
  • SOLD

Please Call [800.598.5532] or for availability and lead times.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.