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We Make It Easy For You to Clear Out Your Old Equipment

SJF pays CASH for good quality material handling and warehouse equipment

Many companies in today's marketplace are downsizing their operations or changing out equipment they no longer use.

The challenge is finding a buyer for the equipment who will be willing to pay you a fair value for the merchandise you have.

While you could advertise locally, it's a time consuming process. Advertising equipment is always a hit or miss process at best with no guarantee of selling any (much less all) of the equipment.

One alternative is to contact a professional liquidator like SJF Material Handling. With a proven track record SJF can purchase all your merchandise in one large lot and turn it into cash for your business.

SJF specializes in buying large quantities of pallet racks, conveyors, vertical carousels, horizontal carousels, VLM's, packaging & wrapping machines and much more. Whether you have one product or a variety of equipment to sell, SJF is one company that can help you turn it into cash.

No quantities too large – SJF specializes in buying entire warehouses and in larger truckload quantities.

Could it get any easier? Yes! If you subscribe to our Industry Insider email newsletter, you'll receive updates on equipment we're looking to purchase every month. Also, be sure to follow market trends on prices and current valuations of used warehouse equipment, machinery and lift trucks via SJF's Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Equipment We Are Interested In

Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack Makes Preferred: Teardrop, Interlake, Speedrack and Sturdi-built, however we will consider any and all makes in large quantities
Uprights: 42" or 48" deep x any height, any capacity
Beams: 96"-144" x any capacity

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever RackAny make, model and size

Stacking Rack

Any make, model and size

Drive-in Rack, Push-back Rack, High-Density Storage Rack

Drive-in RackAny configurations, makes, models or sizes considered

Pallet Flow Rail

Pallet Flow RailAny make, model and size – including Span-Track or equivalent

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor Makes Preferred: Any and all makes considered
Skatewheel or Roller conveyor, widths of 18-30" preferred

Power Conveyor

Power Conveyor Makes Preferred: Rapistan, Hytrol and Ermanco, however any and all makes are considered in larger quantities
Models/Sizes Preferred: 18", 24" or 30" photo-eye control lineshaft
18"- 0" transportation and accumulating conveyor
ALSO: Sortation systems – all makes, models and years

Flexible and Extendo (Telescoping) Conveyors

Extendo ConveyorAll makes and models of flexible conveyors are considered

Prefer Stewart-Glapat extendos but will consider other makes

Carton Flow Racks

Carton Flow Rack Makes Preferred: Any and all makes considered
Sizes Preferred: 96"W x 96"D or 96"W x 120"D preferred, but all sizes considered


Carousel Any and all makes and models considered – Vertical (preferred) or Horizontal (considered)

Packaging Equipment

Case Sealer Makes Preferred: Any and all makes considered
Models Preferred: Tapers (3M preferred), case sealers, wrapping machines

Miscellaneous Material Handling Equipment

Wire Baskets: Drop front, collapsible and stackable
Bar Grating: Large quantities wanted

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