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Horizontal Carousels

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Horizontal carousels consist of a frame and a rotating carriage of bins which contains several shelves (usually 4 or 5). Products can be stored directly on shelves themselves or in totes stored on the shelves. view entire article

Featured Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels are ideal for high speed automated picking, parts delivery and sortation applications. Carousels position heavy duty bins to an operator automatically, saving space, reducing labor cost, speeding throughput, improving accuracy and inventory control.

These carousels were professionally dismantled and removed from a facility in Utah where they had been used without problems for several years. Our professional crews verified counts, crated and loaded them onto trucks and they recently arrived back at our Winsted, MN facility.


  • High Throughput - Picking rates up to 500 lines per operator, per hour.
  • Increased Accuracy - (Optional - Call for Details) Paperless Lightree and Sortbar picking method virtually eliminates picking errors.
  • Reduced Man Hours - Items are brought to the operator eliminating walk and search time. The software automatically queues orders, batches picks and positions the carousels for picking, reducing idle and dwell time.
  • Cube Utilization - Companies have been able to reclaim up to 75% of floor space when implementing a horizontal carousel system. Shelves are easily adjustable. Carousels may be tiered with or without mezzanines.
  • Payback (ROI) - Companies often recover their investment in less than one year through improved productivity, reduced floor space, reduced error rates, reduced shrinkage, and greater uptime.

  • 4 ea. Available
  • White - Model#WG24LK
  • Top Drive - Single Motor
  • 29'3" Overall Length
  • 5'8" Overall Width
  • 103" Overall Height
  • 24 Bins
  • Bin Size: 24.5"W x 20"D x 96"H
  • 7-9 shelves/bin
  • SJF Part No: UH2412W2407S096 & UH2420W2407S096 & UH2420W2409S096
  • Sale Price: $10,550 ea. $6,750 ea.
  • 3 ea. Available
  • White - Model#SG26IE
  • Top Drive - Single Motor
  • 36'2" Overall Length
  • 26 Bins
  • Bin Size: 28"W x 96"H x 16"D
  • 7-8 shelves/bin
  • SJF Part No: UH2816W2607S096 & UH2816W2608S096
  • Sale Price: $10,950 ea. $6,950 ea.
  • 1 ea. Available
  • Remstar - Model# CD1024.5-30-11/24/3/12A
  • Top Drive, Dual Drive
  • 150" Overall Height
  • 30 Bins Total
  • Bin Size: 24"W x 24"D x 132"H
  • 7 shelves/bin
  • Needs Controls
  • SJF Part No: UHB0242413203007150T2DENNMC
  • Sale Price: $13,995 ea. $10,995 ea.

Put all the Pieces Together

SJF & SurePik solutions can provide any and all add-ons for carousel systems. Light Trees, Controllers, Software, Bar Code Scanners and much more. Learn More »

Used White Horizontal Carousels

Most of these white carousels are clean and in full working order. Some of them need some minor repairs, such as fixing or replacing the drive motors, or patching small holes in the bins. SJF can perform all of this work or sell you a "used as-is" model depending on your choice, however when you purchase a used carousel from SJF, we assure you that you will get a fully working carousel. We can also provide customized carousel or ASRS programming for your individual operation at an additional cost.

Quantity (ea) Description As Low As
1 White Used Horizontal Carousel
24 Bins Total, Bin Size: 24"W x 12"D x 96"H
7 shelves/bin
114" Overall Height
Single Drive (1HP, DC)
Foot Control
SJF Part No: UHB0241209602407114T1DEYFWU
2 White Used Horizontal Carousel
39 Bins Total, Bin Size: 19"W x 19"D
11 shelves/bin
Dual Drive
SJF Part No: UH1919W3911D012
2 White Used Horizontal Carousel, Model# YG40-DG
40 bins, 3 shelves/bin
Bin Size: 19"W x 18"D x 6'H (solid back & wire sides)
Total Length: 35'
1 HP, Dual Drive
680 Control Box
SJF Part No: UH1918W4003D06U
2 White Used Horizontal Carousel, Model#HP45436HP & HP36BH
30 bins per system, Bin Size: 22"W x 18"D x 10'H
23 shelves/bin
Dual Drive
SJF Part No: UH2218W3023D10U
1 White Used Horizontal Carousel
22 bins total, Bin Size: 26"W x 20"D x 9'H
2 shelves/bin
Single Drive
Model# PH-22-D7
SJF Part No: UH2620W2202S09U
1 White Used Horizontal Carousel
34 bins total, Bin Size: 24"W x 22.5"D x 85"H
End Drives
Total Length: 25'6"
SJF Part No: UH2422W3408D07U

Horizontal Carousel Pod

This is a very nice used Horizontal Carousel Pod consisting of 3 White horizontal carousels, light trees, bins, scissor lift & surrounding wire cage.

This carousel is in Excellent condition - Don't miss this great buying opportunity. Contact SJF carousel sales (800-598-5532) for information.

  • 1 ea. - 40 bin used carousel
  • Dual bottom drive
  • Overall Height: 12'H Shelf Size: 18" x 22" x 6"H - 24 shelves/bin
  • Sell Price: $10,500 ea.
  • 1 ea. - 38 bin used carousel
  • Bottom Drive Overall Height: 12'H Shelf Size: 18" x 22" x 12"H - 12 shelves/bin
  • Sell Price: $10,500 ea.
  • 1 ea. - 40 bin used carousel
  • Bottom Drive
  • Overall Height: 12'
  • Shelf Size: 18" x 22" x 12"H - 12 shelves/bin
  • Sell Price: $10,500 ea.
  • Also Available with this pod:
  • Scissor Lift - SOLD
  • Light Bar - $1,200 ea.
  • 2 ea. - Light Trees - $1,200 ea.
  • 880 ea. Plastic Bins, 16" x 25" x 5"H - $3.85 ea.
  • 936 ea. Plastic Bins, 16" x 25" x 9.5"H - $4.00 ea.
  • Wire Fencing - 115 ft. - Call for Price

Buschman, Remstar, Raymond &
Saratoga Carousels

These used carousels are very clean and have been stored indoors since being professionally dismanteled by our trained crews. SJF can also provide customized carousel controls or ASRS programming for any used carousel. Call SJF sales (800-598-5532) for details about these carousels.

Quantity Description As Low As
11 Buschman Used Horizontal Carousel
24 Bins Total, Bin Size: 36"W x 22"DM
6 shelves/bin
Single or Dual Drive
SJF Part No: UH3622B2406S07U & UH3622B3406D08U & UH3622B3606D08U
2 Raymond Horizontal Carousel - Model# C10301710246464B
19 bins per system
Bin Size: 31"W x 24"D x 10'H (folding wire back/sides)
4 shelves/bin
Total Length: 30'
single drive, 1 HP / 1 PH / 115 Volts / 6Hz DC Adjustable Speed
Needs Controls
SJF Part No: UH3124R1905S10U
1 Saratoga Used Horizontal Carousel
44 Bins Total, Bin Size: 22"W x 22"D
4 shelves/bin
Single Drive
SJF Part No: UH2222A4404S06U
1 Saratoga Horizontal Carousel - Model#GKH-36-6/22/3.5-7
36 bins total, Bin Size: 24.25"W x 22"D x 6'1"H (wire backs & sides)
Total Length: 44'
single drive, 1 HP / 208 Volts, DC Adjustable Speed Motor
Electrical Box & Foot Pedal Controls
SJF Part No: UH2422A3603S06U

Rack Accessories

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