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Specialty Racking - Used

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Specialty racking consists of racks that are or were designed for specific purposes and don't necessarily fit into any existing categories. Below, you'll find several specialty rack systems available for resale.

Vertical Storage System

This Small Vertical Storage System is Ideal for storing trim, moldings, steel tubing, piping and other material vertically. It can also be used for hanging tools.

  • 10 ea. - Uprights, 36" x 84"
  • 45 ea. - Beams, 96" x 3" x 3"
  • 200 ea. - Pipe Arms, 30"-36"
  • 8 ea. - M-Dividers (More Available if Needed)
  • $1500 for the entire system

Please Call Jason at 320.485.4961 with questions about this storage system.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

SpaceSaver Roll-Out Racks

SpaceSaver Steel Roll-out Storage Racks

While these racks are not, strictly speaking, Cantilever Rack - they are very similar in concept. These racks are made to store long inventory, but function quite differently from cantilever. These racks are operated by cranking out a "drawer" on the unit that is then accessbile by crane from above. Each individual "drawer" or roll-out shelf can be accessed independantly from the others, and offers very safe and secure storage.

Space Saver Racks combine all of the storage density of cantilever racks with the selectivity afforded by dynamic systems for stock, tubing, or pipe storage. These racks store materials in "drawers" allow access from an overhead crane. This overhead access allows more room in front of the racks where the front of a cantilever system must be kept clear for lift truck access.

Another benefit of these racks over cantilever rack systems is that they provide more safety. No matter how secure you believe a load to be on cantilever rack, it still has the potential to roll and/or fall off of the shelves. With the enclosed 'drawers' in this type of system, this kind of accident is simply not possible.

These racks are very clean - Like New Condition!

  • 1 ea. - 2-grid, 12' Unit
  • Can store material up to 12' lengths
  • 4200#/Shelf Capacity
  • Each 'shelf' is 36" Deep
  • Cost When New: $14,000
  • Sale Price: $9,995
  • 1 ea. - 2-grid, 20' Unit
  • Can store material up to 20' lengths
  • 5600# shelf capacity
  • Each 'shelf' is 24" deep x 12" high
  • Cost When New: $14,500
  • Sale Price: $9,995

Please Call [800.598.5532] or for availability and lead times.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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Build a Pallet Rack System for your Garage, Warehouse or Distribution Center

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A-Frame Racks

8 ea. - A-frame racks

  • Teardrop
  • 108" between towers
  • 108" x 6" & 3" step beams, with arms
  • THESE UNITS WERE SOLD - Contact us for information on other A-Frame Racks.

Please Call [800.598.5532] or for availability and lead times.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.