Featured Client: Kelly-Moss Motorsports

Kelly-Moss Motorsports offers maintenance, performance tuning and enhancement, parts sales and much more to race teams all across the USA.  Kelly-Moss is a complete full service auto facility, working on both customer race cars and general automotive maintenance in their street shop.  The complex also houses the Level Five Motorsports racing team. With over 22 years of experience with all major car brands, Kelly-Moss is proud to make racers’ dreams come true.

Kelly-Moss utilizes SJF’s pallet racking to store and organize cars for clients, keeping them professionally maintained in their new 50,000 square foot facility, located just hours from Chicago and Milwaukee.

Additional Photos

SJF is honored to help Kelly-Moss store these beautiful cars safely and efficiently.

4 thoughts on “Featured Client: Kelly-Moss Motorsports”

  1. Thats pretty cool but how do they get these cars off and on those upper levels? Never seen anyone do this before with just racking and no mezzanine. Pretty interesting!

  2. Thats really great .. It is advanced pallet racking and also serving the purpose of Raised Storage Platforms.
    It is really effective.

  3. That’s a pretty awesome sight. A really good use of the pallet racking and something I really didn’t expect to see! I agree with the other guys here, glad I’m not resposible for loading/unloading the racks at Kelly-Moss!

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