Featured Client: Modern Molding

Modern Molding, Inc. (MMI) of Delano, Minnesota, provides custom-made thermoplastic injection molded parts to the worldwide market with complete solutions for engineers, project managers, and purchasing agents. With unsurpassed technical support, Modern Molding helps manufacturers and engineers find the right solutions for any injection molding or tooling need.

SJF has been MMI’s supplier of storage rack components for the past several years (since 2006). In the past, MMI preferred to purchase the rack and paint is themselves with a very specific color. In the fall of 2012 MMI contacted SJF with a request for an entire racking system consisting of various custom sizes & quantities - all painted their custom shade of blue. SJF worked closely with their paint supplier to get the exact shade desired. Within a few weeks SJF delivered the custom racking to MMI’s facility in Delano, MN.

Modern Molding, Inc.
796 Seventh Street South
Delano, MN 55328
Phone: (763) 972-6761
Fax: (763) 972-6764

Photos of MMI’s Rack System