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Cushion Tire Forklifts

Cushion Tire Forklift Infographic

Cushion Tire Forklift Guide

Cushion tire forklifts (also known as hard tire) are great for anybody who needs a good indoors only forklift. Cushion tire lifts are ideal for driving on a wide variety of surfaces such as smooth concrete & blacktop. view entire article

Hyster Cushion Tire Rider

This Hyster rider has relatively low hours and is in good condition.

  • Model: S35FT
  • Hours: ~4600
  • Capacity: 3500 pounds
  • Side Shift: Yes
  • Mast: FFT Mast
  • Fuel: LP Gas
  • Fork Length: 42" or 96" Available (call for details)
  • Asking Price: $7500

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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Cushion Tire Forklifts

These sit-down cushion tire forklifts will be inspected upon purchase to determine that they are in good working order. Photos are available for most of these forklifts, please call SJF. All of the cushion tire forklifts listed below are guaranteed to work when you purchase them. For more information on these cushion tire forklifts, please call an SJF sales representative at 800-598-5532, or email us at

SI-6 Crown 6000 96 60FLTT-198 n/a 89/198" Yes 48V $5,500
SI-8 Crown 4550 99 50FLTT-188 n/a 83/188" Yes 48V $6,500
SI-9 Cat 4550 90's M50PP n/a 84/188" No 48V $4,500
SI-10 Cat 5000 90's M50D n/a 84/173" No 48V $4,500
SI-11 Cat n/a 90's M50DSA n/a 84/188" No 48V $4,500
SI-12 Crown 5400 n/a n/a n/a 90/198" Yes 48V $5,500
TAG#47 Allis 4000 74 ACC40LPS n/a 71/156" n/a LPG $2,500
TAG#48 Hyster 3300 86 S40XL n/a 81/169" n/a LPG SOLD
TAG#49 Hyster 4800 93 n/a n/a 83/182" Yes LPG $6,000
TAG#52 Cat 2000 82 40B n/a 85/196" n/a 36V $2,500
TAG#62 Komatsu 4100 98 FG25ST-11 n/a 85/188" yes LPG $5,000
TAG#69 Komatsu 4400 98 FG25ST-12 n/a 85/188" yes LPG $5,900
TAG#81 Clark 1850 73 E235-141-2293-973 n/a 84/173" no 36V $2,500
TAG#88 Hyster 4250 91 S50XL auto 82/187" n/a LPG SOLD

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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