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Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Pneumatic Tire Forklift Infographic

Pneumatic Tire Forklift Guide

Pneumatic forklifts feature tires that are filled with air and fastened to a rim - just like automobiles. The size of these tires and their composition depends on exactly what the pneumatic forklift will be used for. view entire article

Featured Pneumatic Forklift

This is a very nice used rough terrain fork lift with pneumatic tires that would make a great addition to any company, worksite or farm. The RC60 has been a proven workhorse for many years. This particular truck has a diesel engine and is in full working condition and is still in daily use.

  • Specifications
  • 1988 Cat Pneumatic Forklift
  • 6000 lb. cap.
  • Model#: RC60
  • Mast: 122" lowered / 264" raised
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Other: Sideshift Included
  • $8,500

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

Rack Accessories

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Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

These pneumatic tire forklifts will be inspected upon purchase to determine that they are in good working order. Photos are available for most of these forklifts, please call SJF. All of the pneumatic tire forklifts listed below are guaranteed to work when you purchase them. For more information on these or other pneumatic tire forklifts, please call an SJF sales representative at 800-598-5532, or email us at >

TAG#61 Yale 5500 99 GLPO60GNUAE087 85/187" Yes LPG $12,500
TAG#63 TCM 5000 99 A31T59032 83/189" Yes LPG/Gas $12,000
TAG#64 Daewoo 5000 96 12-04001 84/173" Yes LPG $6,500
TAG#65 Cat 5000 98 GP25 84/190" Yes LPG SOLD
TAG#71 EP 6000 04 CPQD30-W1A 89.5/189" Yes LPG $14,000
TAG#79 Nissan 4700 92 EH02A-25V 78/169" Yes Diesel $7,900
TAG#86 Yale 8000 95 GLP080LGNSBE088 86/185" Yes LPG SOLD
TAG#97 CAT 3000 01 GP-15 82/188" Yes LPG SOLD

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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