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Forklift Batteries, Chargers and Changing Stations

Forklift Battery Changing System

This battery changing system consists of 7 battery racks and one battery pusher. The system can be sold in pieces (prices listed below) or call us (800-598-5532) for a discounted price on the entire system.

Forklift Battery Stands
  • 2 ea. - 96" x 43" x 58.5", 15" rollers, 6 slots, 6.5" H - $1500 ea.
  • 3 ea. - 64" x 43" x 70.5", 15" rollers, 4 slots, 19" H - $1500 ea.
  • 2 ea. - 68" x 43" x 59", 15" rollers, 4 slots, 6.5" H - $1000 ea.
Forklift Battery Pusher
  • 1 ea. - For use w/Pallet Jack (included in price) to change out forklift batteries.
    Sale Price: $2500

Contact SJF Sales for more information.[800-598-5532]

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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Forklift Batteries and Chargers

As you can see from the photos, these batteries and chargers are all still in very good condition. Our forklift mechanic has gone through all of these and determined that all of the batteries still load test at 90-100%.

Quantity Truck Type Battery/Charger Model Voltage Price
8 ea. Order Picker Battery 12-D85-15 24V $1500
5 ea. Bendi Battery 24-D85-17 48V $3000
4 ea. Pallet Jack Battery 85G-13 24V $800
10 ea. Order Picker Charger N/A 24V, 600Ah $600
3 ea. Bendi Charger N/A 48V, 680Ah $680
5 ea. Pallet Jack Charger N/A 24V, 510Ah $510

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.