Sortation Overview

Sortation conveyors are specialized conveyor systems designed to automate the process of sorting or routing items or packages within a facility, such as a warehouse, distribution center, or e-commerce fulfillment center. While all conveyors are used to move products between two points, sortation conveyor systems are used to direct product to specific endpoints.

Adding sortation conveyor capability to your conveyance system increases productivity and efficiency by mechanically routing products to different destinations, or to separate product based on a set of sort criteria. This criteria can include destinations, customer orders, ship method, pack method, or SKU. Sortation mechanisms, called diverters, are combined with sensors and WCS (Warehouse Control System) integration to accurately and efficiently perform these functions without adding additional labor to the process.

There are a variety of different sorters to handle product from cases, totes, and polybags, as well as individual units such as books, tires, pallets, etc. SJF Solution Specialists can help you determine what solution will work best for your application. From lower speed and less complex to high speed fully integrated systems, selecting the right solution is critical for operational success.

Sorter Capabilities

Units Per Hour
Sliding Shoe
Vertical Cross Belt
Unit Sorter


Urethane Belt Transfer (UBT) modules are used to transfer products off and/or convey through a carrying conveyor
A Narrow Belt Sorter for sortation conveyor systems with 30 degree divert angle (NBS 30)
NBS 30
A Narrow Belt Sorter for sortation conveyor systems with 90 degree divert angle (NBS 90)
NBS 90
Shoe sortation conveyors are used to sort items to different locations using specialized shoes that push items off the conveyor at the correct point
Wheel divert conveyors are used to divert and sort items using embedded wheels to push or divert items off the main conveyor line
Wheel Divert
Vertical crossbelt conveyor systems transport and sort items vertically within a facility, often in multi-level warehouses or distribution centers
Vertical Crossbelt
Horizontal cross belt conveyor systems sort and transport items horizontally using cross belts mounted on carriers that move independently to direct items to different destinations
Horizontal Crossbelt
Sortation conveyor view from above

Benefits & Features

  • Increased Efficiency
    Automate the sorting process, significantly increasing the efficiency of material handling operations. Process a large volume of items quickly and accurately, reducing the need for manual sorting, and minimize errors.
  • Order Fulfillment
    In e-commerce, retail, and distribution settings, sortation conveyors are essential for order fulfillment. They ensure that the right products are directed to the correct shipping lane or packing station, improving order accuracy and speed.
  • Minimized Labor Costs
    By automating the sorting process, businesses can reduce labor costs and reallocate resources to more value-added tasks.
  • Improved Throughput
    Sortation conveyors are capable of handling a high throughput of items, making them ideal for facilities with a large volume of goods to process.
  • Accurate Sorting
    These systems use advanced technology, including scanners and software, to accurately sort items. This reduces the risk of errors, returns, and misdirected shipments.
  • Customization
    Customize to fit the specific needs of a facility. Diverts can accommodate different item sizes, types, and sorting criteria, ensuring versatility in various applications.
  • Integration with Automation
    Seamlessly integrate with other automation technologies, such as barcode scanners, robotics, and warehouse management systems (WMS), creating a cohesive and efficient workflow.
  • Enhanced Customer Service
    By ensuring accurate and timely order fulfillment, sortation systems help improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive brand reputation.

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