V.N.A. Overview

VNA, or very narrow aisle is a style of racking utilizing specialized forklifts to allow movement in an aisle as narrow as possible for usage with the designed pallet. In a wire guided system, forklifts are equipped with proper control systems to lock onto a guide wire that is embedded in the concrete. In a rail guided system, angle iron is anchored and welded to the ground, and a rail guide wheel system allows the forklift to travel between the angle iron. Both systems eliminate operator control for steering functions, eliminating rack damage and lift accidents when locked into the system.

Very Narrow Aisle Racking for Space Optimization

Benefits & Features

  • Space Optimization
    By utilizing narrow aisles and maximizing the use of available floor space, VNA racking design is particularly effective in high-density storage environments.
  • High Vertical Reach
    Using tall uprights allows VNA racking to store goods at greater heights maximing storage capacity.
  • Selective Pallet Access
    VNA systems maintain selective pallet access so each pallet is accessible without the need to move other pallets.
  • Customizable
    A VNA racking system can be custom designed to accommodate specific load capacities, pallet sizes, and storage requirements.
  • Expansion Capable
    Many VNA systems are designed with the idea of growing storage needs in mind by making the addition of more aisles and reconfiguration of the existing system easy.