Selective Racking Overview

Selective pallet rack is a popular storage system found in warehouses and distribution centers. Its purpose is to organize and retrieve palletized goods efficiently. The term "selective" is used because it enables easy access to each pallet individually. This makes it ideal for situations where there are many different products and the stock needs to be rotated frequently.

A selective pallet rack system is a very flexible kind of storage rack design. They allow easy access to each pallet and makes the best use of the vertical space available. Selective racks can be set up either in single rows or arranged with the back of one row touching the back of another. Each space in the rack can be used to store a single item or SKU, which allows for mixing different products.

Selective racks use a single-deep design, which means they require an aisle to access each individual pallet. As a result, the amount of items that can be stored in a given space is relatively low.

Widely used due to its versatility, accessibility, and adaptability to changing storage needs selective pallet rack is suitable for applications where inventory turnover is high, and a wide range of products needs to be stored and accessed efficiently.

Benefits & Features

  • Selective Storage
    Each pallet can be individually accessed and retrieved without the need to move other pallets, offering flexibility in inventory management.
  • Accessibility
    Forklifts or other material handling equipment can maneuver between aisles to retrieve specific pallets without obstruction.
  • Versatility
    The adjustable nature of the beams allows for the storage of pallets of various sizes and weights, making selective pallet rack a versatile solution for different types of goods. Optional rack components adds additional versatility such as: drum or spool cradles, shelf dividers, fork entry bars, pallet supports, and wire decking.
  • Strength
    Constructed from high strength steel, and baked enamel finish ensure extended service life even in industrial settings.
  • Flexible
    Selective rack can be configured to handle a variety of loads, product volume, weight, or size. Rack can be configured for pallet loads and hand stack shelves within the same bay. Easily reconfigurable for density demand and warehouse layout changes.
  • Cost Effective
    The least expensive general racking option.