Cantilever Salvage Racking for Vehicle Storage

For decades, salvage and auto recyclers have historically staged rows and rows of vehicles and components directly on the ground. As space became limited, salvage yards stacked everything like cars, trucks and motorcycles on top of each other. Storing vehicles and surplus in this manner results in limited access to vehicles, making harvesting components inefficient and time consuming. I think you'll agree, vehicle stacking systems are a very inefficient use of storage space. The good news is there is better way.

We know that having vehicles stored on the ground, whether they're autos, cars, trucks, motorcycles or other salvage, will increase the likelihood of rust and deterioration due to weather conditions and moisture. We've all seen the damage the elements can cause to surplus autos and trucks. Auto racks or junkyard storage racks do away with the inherent problems historically associated with stacking and storing vehicles for extended periods of time. Vehicles not stored on racks eventually become lodged into the ground, making access or removal difficult and harvesting salvaged components all but impossible.

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Structural Steel Cantilever Salvage Storage Racks

Finally, a better way...

Today, SJF introduces a salvage storage racking solution that not only maximizes storage space but improves the ability to easily store and/or retrieve any size vehicle, material or part in a fraction of the time.

SJF's auto rack storage systems are geared toward:

  • Salvage yards/centers
  • Junk yards or scrap metal recyclers
  • Components recyclers
  • Recycling centers
  • Boat storage, marinas and repair centers
  • Or any other business requiring vertical storage

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New Vehicle Storage Racking

Salvage Cantilever Rack Diagram

What are Salvage Storage Racks?

Salvage storage racks use a traditional cantilever design for vehicle storage. Cantilever racks have long been used to successfully store a wide variety of bulky, heavy and/or difficult-to-store items such as steel bar and rod, pipe, plywood and lumber. SJF's new "salvage rack" design uses the same concept.

Salvage racks are cantilever racks adjusted to fit the needs of "salvage yards". SJF's salvage racks use a unique base and arm designed and engineered to accommodate the extra width and weight required to store vehicles and heavy components.

Uprights are available in a wide array of heights and weight capacities. Whether you are looking to store two, three or four vehicles vertically in a vehicle storage rack, SJF can provide you a rack system to fit your needs.

SJF's "salvage racking" is specifically designed for auto storage and organization, as well as other similar types of material storage. Extra long heavy capacity arms and bases are uniquely designed to store cars, trucks and components. "Salvage racking" allows storage of vehicles as many as four high, while allowing easy storage and retrieval of any vehicle without disturbing those around it.

Vehicles last longer with less deterioration and damage. Each vehicle is stored above ground level, clear of rodents and weeds. For the first time, "salvage racks" provide users the opportunity for a high density storage system.

Features and Benefits of Cantilever for Salvage Storage:

  • Instantly increases existing storage capacity
  • Allows for easy storage and retrieval of any vehicle or material
  • Increases efficiency due to quicker retrieval
  • Off-the-ground storage reduces rust, weeds and rodent damage
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion of racks
  • Comes in a wide array of sizes to fit your specific yard needs
  • Increases safety to workers
  • Allows for easy inventory tracking
  • Reduces the likelihood of theft

SJF "Salvage Racks" are Designed & Manufactured Using AISC Standards

American Institute of Steel Construction

While the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) set the standard that manufacturers use to build racks to safely store pallets, the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards were developed for heavy-duty structural steel construction projects, such as bridges and buildings.

SJF's salvage cantilever rack systems are engineered with American-made components using American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards, which typically meets or exceeds Rack Manufacturer's Institute (RMI) standards.

Building using the most stringent standards in structural rack design, along with our conservative approach to structural rack design, means you can be confident that equipment you purchase from SJF will keep both your people and your product safe and secure. All rack beams and columns are manufactured using structural steel with wide flange beams and a 50 KSI minimum yield, offering greater strength and durability compared to roll-formed steel.

AISC sets the standard for safely building structures that hold millions of pounds. If you are looking to store vehicles, components and scrap safely, you need a storage rack solution designed and built with vehicles, components and scrap in mind.

Another Creative Auto Storage Racking Idea

Auto Storage Rack

Racking for Auto Storage

Here are examples of how one of our customers, Kelly-Moss Motorsports, used rack to store vehicles in their street shop. See our blog to read about their creative use of racking.

What Are My Next Steps?

New Cantilever Salvage Rack

Contact us using the form below. Once received, a systems specialist will be assigned to you. He will contact you to discuss the specific needs of your yard/facility.

Your systems specialist will provide you with a written set of guidelines and options based on your particular requirements, budget and needs. If you decide salvage racks sound like the solution you've been looking for, we'll meet with you at your facility to gather the detailed information needed to begin designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing your "salvage rack."

At SJF, we pride ourselves on offering unique solutions to century old problems, using new and updated ideas and solutions.

It's what we do best!

Please call (320) 485-4974 (direct sales line), (800) 598-5532 (toll-free) or Email Us for pricing, availability and lead times. If you don't see what you're looking for, our sales specialists can often find what you are looking for.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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