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Cardboard Balers, also known as cardboard compactors or cardboard crushers, are a popular machine in industries that require efficient waste management. Since there are quite a variety of different types, ranging from smaller compact balers to large industrial balers, cardboard waste has become much more manageable than in days past.

Balers are specifically designed to compress cardboard boxes or other bulk packaging materials. These machines utilize a baling process that involves compressing vertically, exerting significant force to condense the cardboard into tightly bound bundles or bales. Once the cardboard is compressed into bundles or bales, the bales or bundles are tied off, reducing waste to a much smaller, more manageable size. The bales can then become recycled material and disposed of.

Recycling balers are instrumental in creating a more organized and eco-friendly waste disposal system, allowing businesses and facilities to play a proactive role in reducing their carbon footprint. With their user-friendly design and effective baling capabilities, balers stand as powerful allies in the ongoing effort to enhance recycling efficiency and foster a more sustainable approach to waste management.

By compacting the cardboard waste materials, modern facilities are able to better deal with card board waste in an effort to keep cardboard out of landfills. It also helps reduce fire hazards and frees up valuable storage space.

New Products For Sale in our Online Store

Brand new cardboard balers and compactors in our online store

New Cardboard Balers - Bramidan and Ver-Tech, Inc.

SJF offers different brands, sizes and features of new cardboard balers for sale in our online store.

Used Products For Sale

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Used Fox brand baler

Used Fox Cardboard Baler Machine Box Crusher

This used Fox brand cardboard compacting machine has a fresh coat of paint and creates 60" x 30" bales.

Used Marathon Balers

Used Marathon Cardboard Baler For Sale

These heavy duty cardboard compactors are the solution for when cardboard boxes take over your space.

Brand new structural cantilever racking in our online store

Used Ace Cardboard Baler Machine to Compact Cardboard Boxes

The Ace model 6030 cardboard baler is in excellent condition and runs off a 7.5 HP engine.

Brand new structural cantilever racking in our online store

Used Second Hand McClain E-Z Pack Baler Machine

This used McClain E-Z Pack model E-11 cardboard crusher has a 10 HP motor for strength and durability.


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What is a Baler, Cardboard Baling Machine or Cardboard Compactor?

Cardboard balers can typically be found in backroom or garbage areas of any company. Boxes or other items need to be disposed of or recycled in as efficient a manner as possible. There are many options available. It's also common practice to bale T-shirts, jeans and other fabrics together for shipment to a facility with recycling equipment or donation facilities.

Whether you're looking for new or used cardboard balers, SJF has you covered. Want used equipment? Check below to see some of our current inventory. If you're interested in new balers, check out the new cardboard balers in our online store.

Cardboard Baler Manufacturer Brands

Here is a sampling of different cardboard baler machine brands that SJF carries. If you are in need of a different brand, please call our sales professionals, as we often carry other brands or can find them for you.

  • Ace
  • Advanced Equipment Sales
  • Air Born Industries
  • Bace
  • Balemaster
  • Blue Rhino Industries
  • Bramidan
  • C & M Baling Systems
  • Cram-A-Lot Manufacturers
  • CRI
  • Fox Manufacturing
  • Galbreath, Inc.
  • General Hydraulic
  • Hamm Bros Inc.
  • Harmony Enterprises, Inc.
  • International Press and Shear (IPS)
  • International Baler Corp. (IBC)
  • IPS Balers
  • Load King Manufacturing
  • Logemann Brothers
  • Marathon
  • Maren Engineering Corporation
  • McClain
  • National Equipment Solutions (NES)
  • Piqua
  • PTR
  • SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.
  • Tl Industries
  • Van Dyk Recycling Solutions
  • Ver-Tech, Inc. 
  • Wasp

Cardboard Balers FAQ & Other Machinery Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

A cardboard baler machine is used to compact excess cardboard into bales or bundles for easier disposal or recycling. The cardboard is fed into the machine where a press is used to tightly compress the cardboard into a smaller size. Once compressed, the bale is tied off, then ejected.

Balers are either manually or automatically fed bulk materials into the compression chamber. When the machine is operated, the waste materials are compressed, tightly forming a compact bale. The machine then automatically binds the compacted waste with string, wire, plastic or twine. The completed bale is then ejected from the machine to be disposed of.

Cardboard balers produce different sizes of bales depending on its size, but typically a cardboard bale weighs anywhere from 150 lbs. to 1,800 lbs.

Cardboard balers come in all shapes and sizes, from mini balers to large industrial sized cardboard compactors. They can weigh anywhere from 600 lbs. up to 10,000 lbs. There is a lot of variation in sizes and features in balers.

Depending upon whether you are interested in buying a new or used cardboard baler, balers can differ greatly in price. Used horizontal or vertical balers can start around $1,000. New balers prices start at $6,500 in our online store.

Cardboard balers are a staple in many industries and are considered to be a long lasting heavy duty investment. They are built with strong steel parts that can withstand the test of time.

Cardboard balers are meant to compact many different types of materials down, including cardboard, plastic, clothing, etc. To do this, they need to have a high pressing force to do so. All balers have safety precautions built in to keep workers safe, such as emergency stop buttons and locking doors.