New & Used Accumulation Conveyor Systems

Accumulation conveyors separate products on a conveyor line by halting and holding goods in place until the system signals its release to the next zone. This also keeps products from touching or running into each other to eliminate damage.

Used Products For Sale

MDR Accumulation Roller Conveyor

Used TGW/MHS Motorized Drive Accumulation Conveyor

We have nine zero pressure accumulation roller conveyor sizes available for sale, as well as some accumulation curves to accessorize them. All are in excellent shape and measure either 22" or 34" between frames. Take a look!

NBC Accumulation Conveyor

Used TGW/MHS Narrow Belt Accumulation Conveyor

Our inventory now contains several lengths of extremely clean narrow belt dense pack roller accumulation conveyor to increase your warehouse efficiency.

Used Accuglide & IntelliQ Intelligrated Accumulation Conveyors

Used Accuglide & IntelliQ Intelligrated Accumulation Conveyors

These two systems are both zero pressure photo eye accumulation conveyor systems. The Intelligrated Accuglide PE is a padded chain driven conveyor, while the Intelligrated IntelliQ PE is a narrow belt driven accumulation conveyor.

Hytrol EZLogic Accumulation Conveyor

Used Hytrol EZLogic Accumulation Conveyor

This Hytrol ABEZ EXLogic Photo Eye Accumulation Conveyor contains 12 drive units and 430 feet of conveyor.

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Accumulation Conveyor

What is Accumulation Conveyor?

Accumulation system conveyor is typically used in conjunction with other modular conveyor types in a complete conveyor handling system. Accumulating conveyor systems consist of horizontal conveyors and vertical conveyors with pop-up sensor rollers located in 'zones' which use a line pressure air system to hold product in a queue until it receives a signal to release it to the next stage of operations.

This can include accumulating products one at a time onto accumulation tables, weigh stations, belted conveyor case sealers, sortation systems, palletizers or any other work station.

Accumulating Conveyor Most Common Types and Styles

There are several types of accumulation conveyor products, however two are more common than the others:

  • Zero pressure accumulation conveyor will eliminate product flow package collisions on the product conveyor line by leaving gaps between each individual box
  • Minimum pressure accumulation conveyor will place the individual boxes next to each other with little back pressure.

Accumulation conveyor can be the most vital link in any large material handling conveyor system for product handling automation. Without it, your product flow, sortation system, packaging machine or other machines will quickly become overloaded and will not function properly.

SJF Material Handling has successfully built countless conveyor systems, providing clients custom solutions that demonstrate the benefit of automation in today's warehouse management systems. Our professional sales staff has over 60 years of combined experience with new and second hand or used conveyor systems of all types. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free professional consultation or check out our How To Guide to Conveyors in SJF Material Handling's tutorial guides knowledge center.

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Accumulation Conveyor System Video Example

Shown is a video demonstration of a Rapistan 1276 Accumulation Conveyor in action.

This example shows a padded chain live roller accumulation conveyor. The roller rotation is acheived by utilizing a padded chain that runs in a groove below the rollers and drags along the bottom of the rollers. Air actuators push the chain up against the rollers and this causes the conveyor to move.

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