New & Used Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels can save up to 60% floor space, increased productivity up to 50% and increase picking accuracy up to 90% over traditional static storage systems. Items are stored compactly and profiled in a database so that high volume pick items are stored closer to the front of the carousel and slow movers are in the back. This increases pick efficiency by keeping high-traffic items close at hand, while still allowing quick access to the lower traffic products.

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Used Products For Sale

Used Featured Horizontal Carousels

Used Featured Horizontal Carousels

These used horizontal carousels were professionally dismantled and removed from a facility in Utah where they had been used without problems for several years.

Used White Horizontal Carousels

Used White Horizontal Carousels

These used White horizontal carousels systems allow you to create your own horizontal carousel set-up while saving cash by buying used.

Used Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousels

Used Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousels

Diamond Phoenix horizontal carousels are ideal for high speed automated picking, parts delivery and sortation applications.

Used White Horizontal Carousel Pods

Used White Horizontal Carousel Pods

These are very nice used horizontal carousel pods consisting of 3 White horizontal carousels, light trees, bins, scissor lift and surrounding wire cage.


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Horizontal Carousel

What are Horizontal Carousels?

Horizontal carousels consist of a frame and a rotating carriage of bins that contain several shelves (usually 4 or 5). Products can be stored directly on shelves themselves or in totes stored on the shelves.

High density carousels save space and increase productivity by bringing the products to the people picking the orders rather than moving people to the product. Because parts are brought to the pickers, horizontal carousels eliminate unnecessary random walk and search times. When compared to picking from traditional static rack or shelving, horizontal carousels significantly improve both pick rates and pick accuracy. In addition, to increases in efficiency and accuracy, both horizontal and vertical carousel provide an added level of security to high valued and sensitive product storage.

When combined with pick technologies like light trees and automated order fulfillment software, the horizontal carousel not only brings the product to the operator, but also directs the operator to the exact shelf, bin and/or slot of each product to be picked. This automated pick to light process has been found to improve order picking accuracy rates by as much as 90%.

For those looking to even further enhance picking times and efficiency, two or more horizontal carousels (referred to as a pod) can be integrated together to form a workstation. With the addition of add ons like inventory management & picking software, light trees and other pick to light technologies, horizontal carousels can be configured to perform fast and accurate batch picking of orders. Batch picking multiple orders simultaneously can increase pick productivity by 50% or more.

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SJF Material Handling (Winsted, MN) is an authorized nationwide distributor of both new & used horizontal carousels and carousel systems. SJF provides carousel controls, carousel installation, removal and relocation services nationwide. Call us today to see what advantages adding horizontal carousels can do for your business at (320) 485-4974 (direct sales line) or (800) 598-5532.

Horizontal Carousel Manufacturers

  • Bellheimers
  • Buschman
  • Dexion
  • Diamond Phoenix
  • Kardex
  • Modula
  • Remstar
  • Raymond
  • Saratoga
  • White Systems

Horizontal Carousel Video Example

Shown is a video demonstration of a White Horizontal Carousel System in action.

This carousel system has been sold but is a good representation of how a horizontal carousel system works. SJF stocks a wide array of similar horizontal carousels that can be configured into 2 and 3 pod systems like the one seen here. Contact us for details and pricing on carousel pod systems and the latest in software packages we offer to run them.

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