NBS30 Overview

A series of narrow belts, each with its own take-up, span the length of the conveyor. High-friction divert wheels rise between the belts, accurately diverting product at a 30-degree angle. The NBS30 is as efficient as it is fast. Divert wheels are driven from the main conveyor, eliminating the need for extra drives.

Rate: Approximately 5,400 units/hr

Benefits & Features

  • Reduced Energy Costs
    Energy consumption is 88% less than traditional pop-up wheel sorters. This energy savings also translates into less noise, belt pull, and component wear.
  • No Belt Mistracking
    Belt mistracking is eliminated with the total belt retention system.
  • Minimal Power Consumption
    Main conveyor drives divert wheels, meaning minimum power consumption and operating cost, resulting in best value capital investment
  • Modular Design
    Modularity of divert mechanism allows easy reconfiguration of system