Push Back Pallet Racking Systems For Sale

A push back racking pallet storage system can be a great option when you're looking for a medium to high density storage solution but are tight on space. In a push back rack system, pallets are loaded on nested carts or shelf trays that ride along rails in the rack frame itself, and push back when another pallet is added.

Push back rack systems are supported using either roll form or structural pallet rack. They can store multiple sized pallets up to six deep and four high, making pushback rack a very efficient LIFO (Last In/First Out) system. This type of dynamic storage system allows you to have all the benefits of a high-density storage system without the drawbacks of a drive in system.

Used Products For Sale

In stock used pushback pallet racking

Used Teardrop Push Back Pallet Racking

This used teardrop pushback pallet racking has 4 levels, is 3 pallets deep and has five 96" wide bays.

Ridg-U-Rak Push Back Racking

Used Ridg-U-Rak Push Back Racking

This used push back pallet racking is made by Ridg-U-Rak and has 2 different sized systems to choose from.

Structural Push Back Pallet Racking

Used Structural Push Back Pallet Racking

This excellent condition used structural push back pallet racking has two levels and 96 pallet positions.

Steel King Push Back Racking

Used Steel King Push Back Racking

This excellent condition used structural push back pallet racking has two levels and 96 pallet positions.

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Push Back Racking Info and Product Guides

Similar to drive in and drive through rack, push back storage systems provide users a high density, easy access pallet storage solution that is ideal for loading and unloading both light duty and heavy duty pallets of like product. The push back rails are supported on an incline and gravity moves the pallet storage carts or trays along the rails toward the front of the rack.

If you'd like to read more about Push-Back Racks – please view our complete warehouse rack guide. It contains information on determining capacities, assembly instructions and other safety information for many types of warehouse racking.

SJF Material Handling is an authorized distributor of several brands of rack systems including Interlake, Mecalux, W.C. Cardinal, Bulldog, 3D, Uni-Rack and more. We can provide other brands at your request. Whether you're storing several thousand pallets or several dozen, SJF's solutions specialists can help you find the push back storage solution that's right for you. Call us today!