Wheel Divert Overview

A wheel divert sorter utilizes a set or series of wheels positioned at each divert location, providing for an angular divert while maintaining conveyance speed. Wheels diverts are a proven technology that can be used across various industries handling a variety of product from totes, bins, and cartons. Diverts are modular in design and can be integrated into belt or roller conveyors.

Wheel diverts require product skewing and adequate spacing between products to allow enough time for divert cycling. As product enters the sorter, the spaced product is either timed or tracked on the conveyor bed to the divert location. Based on the sort criteria, if the product is designated to divert, the divert will activate and the wheel rollers will rise causing the product to be diverted at an angle off sort bed. Once the product is safely diverted the wheel rollers will retract below the conveyance section allowing the next product to pass.

Rate: Approximately 1,200 units/hr

Benefits & Features

  • Dependable
    Reliable and proven technology.
  • Versatile
    Works well with totes, bins, and cartons.
  • Space-efficient
    Compact design enables use for short systems or single divert systems.
  • Efficient
    Diverts product while maintaining conveyance speeds and product orientation.