Used Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels store products or goods vertically, taking full advantage of overhead space and are used in storing a wide array of brands and styles of materials. These vertical storage carousels can save you up to 70% more floor space when compared to conventional static storage. SJF sells both new and used vertical carousel systems, as well as new and used vertical lift modules (VLMs) and other indoor carousel for sale.

Used Products For Sale

Used Royal Carpet Carousels

Used Royal Carpet Carousels

This Royal brand carpet carousel is 12' wide (144") and is available today! Call SJF for more information on this unit.

Used J&D (Interlake Mecalux) Carpet Carousel

Used J&D (Interlake Mecalux) Carpet Carousel - Ready to Ship

This J&D (Interlake Mecalux) brand carpet carousel is 187-1/2" high and contains 16-96" length spindles.


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Vertical Carousel

How Can Vertical Carousels Help Me?

Operator productivity can be increased by as much as two-thirds by eliminating the old "walk, search, stock, store" method of order picking. These automated indoor storage carousels bring items to the picker for order picking via the shortest route possible and provide well-lit work areas, reducing worker fatigue and error. You'll enjoy added security and safety as items are kept out of sight within the carousel. You won't have to climb, stretch or bend to retrieve items ever again. Vertical storage carousels deliver items conveniently to the carousel's counter upon service request, providing one of the most efficient and productive means of storage retrieval on the market today.

SJF is an authorized nationwide distributor of White and Summit (J&D) carousels, as well as Royal, Kardex Lektriever Series 80, Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 500, and more, to provide you an economical line of storage carousels systems that are UL listed and can be built in various heights and widths to accommodate those hard-to-handle materials. We also provide custom carousel programming, carousel controls, carousel installation and tear-out services. Visit our Warehouse Automation and Data Management page and our Carousels & ASRS Systems page for more information.

Vertical Carousel Automated Storage Features & Benefits

Spool Carousel System

Automated vertical carousels can save up to 70% of the valuable floor space taken up by traditional storage solutions. These units can also minimize dependence on forklifts and ladders and provide a more ergonomic workplace and better inventory management.

  • Economical solutions for many different applications
  • Automated storage carousels can handle small parts, totes, tires, rolled goods, spools and more
  • Floor space savings of up to 70% over traditional storage methods
  • Up to 30,000 pounds total weight capacity per carousel
  • Custom sizes and applications available
  • Simple push-button controls for easy operation

SJF offers a wide variety of motorized vertical carousel storage solutions designed to handle everything from small parts in totes to tires, industrial rolled goods to spools - and almost anything in between and can be custom built in various heights and widths.

Store tires vertically with a tire carousel

Tire Carousel Storage System

Tires are easily stored and remain visible for easy retrieval

  • Take advantage of vertical space
  • Minimize lift truck and ladders use
  • Better retrieval times
  • Increased productivity
  • Allow customers to view tires safely
  • Eliminate time wasted searching for misplaced tires

Vertical Carousels for Carpet

Carpet Carousels & Linoleum Carousels

Store and retrieve carpet, linoleum and other bulky rolled material

  • Utilize vertical space for bulky rolls
  • Measure and cut material directly from the carousel
  • Organize inventory
  • Variety of heights and widths
  • Three weight classes up to 30,000 lbs.
  • Quick and simple operation

Spool & Wire Storage

Wire Carousel Storage - Spool Carousel Storage Solutions

Store industrial spools and measure material as you retrieve them

  • Organize and store spooled goods
  • Find the 'right' spool quickly
  • Optional counter and collier measures precise amounts
  • No lifting and moving heavy spools
  • Oversized spool designs are available

Vertical Carousel FAQ & Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Carousel Systems are high density warehouse storage systems that combine specialized software, hardware and controls to bring stored items or materials to the carousel operator rather than the operator going to retrieve the stock or materials.

Materials are stored in plastic bins or on shelves, and the bins or shelves revolve around on a track until "called" by the operator. This material handling storage system works in conjunction with software called an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (otherwise known as ASRS or AS/RS) and can be run both manually or automated using ASRS controls and software.

Vertical Carousels store products on a vertically rotating track in either an open or enclosed space. They're often used for storing tires, carpets, spools, vinyl rolls and other large rolled goods but can be utilized for product or part storage when lack of floor space is an issue.

Vertical carousels store products on a vertically rotating track, where horizontal carousels store products on a horizontally rotating track.

Storing vertically is a great way to utilize overhead space, leaving more floor space for other storage or operations. For warehouses that have space issues, vertical carousels solve a big problem.

Vertical carousels are also preferred when the product being stored is bulky or in a long, rolled form, such as rolls of carpet.

Advantages of Vertical Carousels

  • Up to 30,000 lbs. gross weight capacity
  • Up to 2,500 lbs. per position gross capacity
  • Reduced order processing times
  • Inventory security
  • Easy to use
  • Economical pricing

Vertical Carousel Demo and Tutorial Videos

Click the video above to see how to store wire, spools, carpet and tires.

Click the video above to see a short demonstration of the White Vertical Carousel.

Click the video above to see the benefits of vertical carousel systems.

Click the video above to see a short demonstration of the Remstar Bellheimer-Raymond Vertical Carousel.