Warehouse Racking Systems

SJF Material Handling is a stocking distributor of new & used heavy duty racking systems and commercial industrial racking systems. Find all major types of new and second hand storage racking equipment to fit a wide array of industrial storage needs for your home, business or warehouse.

What is Warehouse Racking?

While pallet racking is the most common warehouse racking system, there are there are other specific use-driven systems that are often used for warehouse shelving. They include drive in and drive through racking systems, as well as high density storage drive-in, push back, carton flow & case flow racking systems.

What are the Benefits of Using Warehouse Racking?

Warehouse racking systems are specifically designed to organize your products and optimize existing warehouse storage space. Forklifts are often used to move and retrieve products within a warehouse storage system during the order fulfillment process.

Where Can I Buy Second Hand Racking Systems?

If you're looking for new or second hand racking or other material handling equipment, you get a one-stop-shop experience with SJF. In business since 1979, SJF's Winsted, Minnesota warehouse (located 35 miles west of the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area) is home to over 20 acres of new and used warehouse rack systems and storage related equipment.

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