Vertical Cross Belt Overview

A Vertical Crossbelt Sorter is an advanced material handling system used for efficient and accurate sorting of items in distribution and order fulfillment centers. This automated sorting solution features a network of carriers equipped with crossbelts that move vertically and horizontally across multiple levels. As items travel on these crossbelts, they are diverted to designated chutes or bins based on predefined criteria such as destination, order, or SKU. Vertical Crossbelt Sorters are known for their high throughput, flexibility, and suitability for a wide range of products, making them integral to modern logistics operations.

Rate: Approximately 12,500 units/hr

Benefits & Features

  • Crossbelt Carriers
    The system employs carriers with crossbelts that move both vertically and horizontally, allowing for versatile sorting capabilities.
  • High Throughput
    Known for their ability to handle a large volume of items quickly, making them suitable for high-throughput environments.
  • Sorting Chutes or Bins
    Items are diverted to specific chutes or bins based on predetermined criteria. These sorting destinations can be customized for various factors such as destination, order, or SKU.