Used Portable Stack Racks, Tire Rack & Tire Storage Rack

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Stacking Racks

What are Stack Racks?

Stack rack systems are a popular and portable storage solution. Having a portable stackable rack storage system is especially desirable where storage is only needed on a temporary basis or floor space is limited.

The automotive industry is one of the larger industries to use these types of storage systems for tire storage, where it's most often referred to as tire rack, tire storage rack or tier racks.

Stack racks, tire storage racks and tier racks consist of four upright corner posts and a base. In the case of tier racks, the base is generally a wooden pallet. The parts and components of that make up these stacking rack systems are designed to be completely disassembled and stored to make way for staging other materials when not in use, if desired.


Stacking Racks Inventory Update

Stacking Racks

These stack racks are in excellent condition and have just arrived in our Winsted, MN location.

  • Part number: TSATR0434358220ZFU
  • Inside dimensions: 43" x 43"
  • Open tubular
  • Removable posts/sides
  • SOLD

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