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SJF carries a wide selection of new & used wire decking for pallet racks and pallet rack systems. Wire mesh decking is an ideal add-on to pallet racking for anyone looking to store items on a shelf. Pallet rack wire decking provides a shelving surface for added protection, while the open wire mesh allows for water from sprinklers the open access needed in the event of a fire. All the pallet rack decking we carry uses heavy duty wire weaved into a mesh grid. Easily laid directly over pallet rack beams or wire deck railing, wire decking adds an extra layer of safety and support, no tools required. Since they are simple to install and inexpensive, pallet rack decking is a popular product in warehouse settings.

In stock used wire decking

Used Wire Decking For Sale

Wire decking for racks is one of our specialties! Choose from several styles such as standard waterfall, internal waterfall, external flat deck and more. Provided are the used wire deck sizes we currenly have in stock at our Winsted, Minnesota 55395 facility.

Accessories for Pallet Racking

Wire Deck & Pallet Support Accessories

SJF carries a huge assortment of wire decking and pallet rack supplies and accessories in many sizes and styles.

Used pallet supports

Used Pallet Supports, Bar Grate & Strut Deck for Pallet Racks

This large lot of pallet supports, bar grating and decking will help secure and protect your pallet racking.

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We offer many different sizes and finishes of wire decking in our online store.

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Wire Decking Info

Pallet Rack Decking Buyer's Guide

Wire decking is designed exclusively to provide users of pallet rack shelving the ability to store items on shelves without having to use a pallet. Wire decks also provide increased stability and protection to the pallet rack over conventional pallet support beams alone. Depending on the environment that the decking is used in, there are different protective coatings to choose from - painted, powder coated and galvanized wire decking. What is the difference?

The wire mesh grid in pallet rack wire decking allows light to pass through and evenly disperse from ceiling to floor. Using decking wire in pallet rack storage reduces shadows, resulting in brighter warehouses. Better distribution of existing lighting is proven to reduce accidents and increase stocking and picking efficiencies.

Wire decking also increases the level of safety by reducing the risk of loss due to fire. In the event of fire, traditional solid decking materials like wood or plywood could ignite and block water from getting to the fire. With wire decking, this problem is all but eliminated because water can easily pass through the mesh wire, allowing sprinklers access to flames. Wire deck has proven to be so successful at reducing losses due to fire that most local fire codes now require wire decking be used wherever indoor pallet rack storage is utilized.

SJF's professional sales staff has over 60 years of combined experience with new and second hand or used wire mesh decking for pallet racking of all types. We have a massive amount of pallet decking for sale, as well as thousands of beams, uprights and rack accessories in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free professional consultation.

SJF also offers pallet rack services such as installation/tear-down, relocation, repair and more. If that's not enough, SJF will buy your used or unwanted pallet racking. Visit our Equipment Wanted page for details.

Wire Deck Print & Go QuickSheet and Product Guides

Wire Deck Worksheet

This worksheet gives you a brief overview of wire deck styles, best practices and important information, but also contains a form that you can either fill out now, or print and take with you to send us later.

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If you prefer, you may also print the form for your own use or fax it to (320) 485-2832 or email it for a quote or more information.

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