Double Deep Racking Overview

A variation of single selective rack is double deep rack. Double deep rack is created by arranging two rows of single selective rack back to back. Utilizing a specialized lift truck with scissor reach capable of extending the depth of two pallets, lift operators will place the first pallet stored in the rear section of rack prior to filling the front section. Double deep reach trucks are narrow aisle capable reducing the amount of space require for servicing. This combination of storing double pallet density and reduce aisle width offers greater utilization of warehouse space up to 60% savings.

Consideration for use of double deep rack include: limited space availability, higher volume, and LIFO (Last In, First Out) inventory control.

Double Deep Racking for High-Density Warehouse Storage

Benefits & Features

  • Increased Storage Density
    By allowing storage of pallets two rows deep, maximimum floor space is utilized and storage density is increased.
  • Selectivity
    Selectivity is provided for two pallets within a slot versus individually on single selective rack. This provides for similar selectivity of multi-pallet storage of a single SKU inventory while providing greater density.
  • Efficiency
    Double deep rack increases storage density by reducing the number of aisles required for accessibility, saving time for material handling storage and retrieval processes. Lifts are often designed to work within a narrower aisle than sit down lifts, adding to greater use of floor space.
  • Versatility
    Suitable for a variety of industries and products accommodating both fast and slower-moving inventory.
  • Strength
    Constructed from high strength steel, and baked enamel finish ensure extended service life even in industrial settings.
  • Adaptable
    The rack can be integrated with other racking and warehouses system providing flexibility in warehouse design.

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