Polybag Conveyor Overview

Polybags are a type of soft packaging container made of a thin and flexible polyethylene material, or bag. They are a common packaging product because of their durability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Many companies also prefer they offer economical shipping advantages.

Because polybags are flexible, they are often problematic when transported on standard conveyors, where they can catch or get stuck. Polybag conveyors are specifically designed to eliminate this problem.

Types of Polybag Conveyor

Polybag Accumulation
Belt Transportation
Polybag Sort
Accumulation Poly Bag

Belt Transportation

Poly Bag Sort

Polybag conveyor closeup

Benefits & Features

  • High Throughput
    Polybag conveyors can move items quickly and in an efficient manner. They can also handle a high volume of polybags.
  • Sorting Options
    Sortation systems are commonly used in conjunction with polybag conveyors. Packages can be automatically organized and sorted into different bins or areas along the line.
  • Sizes and Shapes
    Using polybag conveyor offers an advantage over other styles of conveyor because of its versatility with many shapes and sizes.
  • Flexibility
    Polybag conveyor is modular, so layout can be changed as needs change.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of products are typically packaged in poly bags using conveyor systems?

    Poly bag conveyors are commonly used for items such as clothing, electronics, small parts, hardware, literature, and other products that can be easily enclosed in a poly bag.

  • Can poly bag conveyors be integrated with other packaging equipment, such as labeling machines or sealers?

    Yes, poly bag conveyors are often integrated into larger packaging lines and can be synchronized with labeling machines, heat sealers, inkjet printers, and other equipment for a complete packaging solution.

  • What is the typical speed range of poly bag conveyors?

    The speed of poly bag conveyors can vary depending on the specific application and requirements but typically ranges from a 60 feet per minute (FPM) to over 180 FPM.

  • Can poly bag conveyors handle fragile or delicate items without causing damage?

    Poly bag conveyors can be configured with gentle handling features, such as zero-pressure accumulation zones and cushioned transfers, to transport fragile or delicate items without causing damage.

  • What considerations should be made when choosing a poly bag conveyor for a specific application?

    Factors to consider include bag size and weight, production volume, available space, required speed, integration with other equipment, and any specific handling needs unique to the products being transported.