Horizontal Crossbelt Overview

A horizontal crossbelt sorter, often referred to as a "loop sorter", is a type of sorting system used commonly in e-commerce fulfillment centers, warehouses, and distribution facilities to automate the sorting of diverse products and facilitate order fulfillment with speed and accuracy. It is designed to efficiently and accurately sort individual units based on predetermined criteria such as destination, size, weight, or other specified characteristics. These systems are often times called "loop sorters" because they are commonly oriented in a loop to allow items to circulate within the system.

In a horizontal crossbelt sorting system, items travel on a conveyor loop, passing through various divert points or chutes where they are selectively directed based on the sorting criteria. This continuous loop design allows for high throughput and a continuous flow of items through the sorting process.

Rate: Approximately 20,000 units/hr

Benefits & Features

  • Increased Efficiency
    Energy efficient 24 Volt DC motors with run on demand controls
  • Enhanced Safety
    Low voltage for safety
  • Zero Pressure
    Non contact control for product protection
  • Versatility
    Variable speed provides versatility for each requirement
  • Flexible Design
    Modular design - factory assembled and tested
  • Simpler Installation
  • Intelligent control capabilities