Cantilever Overview

Cantilever racks are designed for an unobstructed front shelf opening to accommodate lengthy or odd shape products. Support arms are cantilevered from a column either on the rear (single sided) or center double sided creating a shelf level. Shelf area can either be an open where the product is stage on the arms alone, or solid where decking is supported between the arms creating a flat shelf. Having no frontal support column allows for no vertical obstruction to accommodate the ability to store various product with unrestricted length. Applications include storing of lumbar, furniture, tubing, and piping

Cantilever Rack

Benefits & Features

  • Modular
    Cantilever rack is designed utilizing modular components allowing you to change configurations, increase capacity, add or subtract shelf levels as your needs change.
  • Adjustable
    To accommodate different material needs, arms may be adjusted on 4 inch increments to accommodate varying heights.
  • Versatility
    The adjustable nature of the beams allows for the storage of pallets of various sizes and weights, making selective pallet rack a versatile solution for different types of goods. Optional rack components adds additional versatility such as: drum or spool cradles, shelf dividers, fork entry bars, pallet supports, and wire decking.
  • Accessibility
    Open face design enables easy accessibility of materials in and out of racking system. This unobstructed front shelf opening enables accommodation for lengthy or odd shape materials that is difficult to be stored in traditional pallet rack.
  • Efficient
    Free up floor space by utilizing the vertical space above. Materials stored on the ground in stacks can be combined to free up floor space. Separating on shelf levels improves visibility and accessibility, eliminating congestion. Faster restock and pick times result in increased productivity.